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What’s Your Why? RALA Success Stories with Timothy & Helga

Success and happiness start when you keep your Big Why in the forefront of your business endeavor, the same is true in residential assisted living. Most self-made millionaires attribute their success to their Big Why. It’s not about having the right Big Why; it’s about having “A Big Why”.  So let’s get you ready for your success. Students who go through the Residential Assisted Living Academy 3-day fast track training learn the importance of embracing their Big Why. Music theory professor and professional musician, Timothy and Helga attended the training. Afterward, they turned their single-family rentals into an amazing RAL business. They aimed to broaden their investment and create a lasting legacy by helping others. As a result, they turned to residential assisted living.

For successful entrepreneurs, it’s all about the Big Why. Why do you do what you do? What drives you?

Identifying Your Big Why

  1. Are you looking for something that’s going to take less time to make more money? 
  2. Are you hoping to reduce or even eliminate your weekly work hours? 
  3. Do you want to remove your income limitations? 
  4. Do you seek the freedom to live where you want to live, even if your business is in a different location? 
  5. Do you crave the opportunity to help other people? 

What is your Big Why? Maybe take a few moments to think about it. What matters to you, what drives you, what are you passionate about? Then write it down so that it is clear and in front of you. 

Passion And Perseverance

Timothy and Helga got their start in residential assisted living by remodeling their own home into a 10-bed, 11-bath RAL facility. The care they provide their residents is focused on holistic health, with advanced nutrition programs, mental and physical exercise, music therapy and much more. Their greatest piece of advice they give individuals who are interested in this business is to “know your why.” Find your purpose and fully embrace it.

Timothy was a professor of music theory for 30 years,  and Helga is a violinist with the Arizona Opera. Now, they are working in harmony to do good and do well by providing quality care for seniors in residential assisted living. 

Timothy and Helga said two phrases stuck in their minds from the 3-day fast track training at Residential Assisted Living Academy. “Go big” and “Do good and do well.” These are the motivations they used to fuel their big why. “It’s not always as simple as just identifying what you like most in life and pursuing it,” Timothy said. “Unfortunately for most, life usually doesn’t work that easy.” He explained that everything comes with a cost. “Everything we do, every choice we make and every job we have comes with consequences and often a bit of struggle,” Timothy said. “That’s why it is so important to have a ‘why’ for the things we do and the opportunities that we pursue.”

A wise person once said “everything sucks, some of the time.” Despite the negative tone, it’s important to recognize that there will be difficulties ahead regardless of what career or industry you decide to pursue. There are always costs, and fulfilling your ambitions is no different. During the most challenging moments is when your big why will become more relevant. Stay the course. Your big why has to be about more than just making money. Timothy and Helga wanted to make a difference in the lives of the people in their community. And that is exactly what they are successfully doing now. Their passion drove them to start their own residential assisted living business.

Taking Action After Researching The Industry 

Research is a good start. Now dig deeper. Ask yourself, “Why do I really want that?” Ask yourself why at least five times like a 5-years-old asking questions after you’ve given them an answer. Digging deep is how you will get to your “Big Why.”  Once you’ve identified your Big Why, you will be able to quickly determine which of these ways will best support your goals. 

So, What Are You Really Looking for? 

  • Are you looking for the ability to make a lot of money? 
  • Are you searching for the ability to help other people?
  • Do you want residual income? 
  • Do you want respect? 
  • Do you want a career that others look at and say, “I wish I’d thought of that?” or “You were so smart for seeing this massive demand for housing and seizing this opportunity?” 
  • Do you want to work on a project that will take you less than one year to attain financial freedom? 
  • Do you want a business that can produce income for the rest of your life, for your kids, and even for your kid’s kids? 

Accelerating Your Vision With Ral Academy

It’s no secret that RAL Academy is the most comprehensive course for entrepreneurs hoping to learn about the assisted living industry. To learn more about accelerating your big why, visit: Why the RAL Academy 3-Day Fast Track is Your Best First Step in Assisted Living. Register today for the next 3-day course because each class fills quickly. Like Timothy and Helga, converting your home can be a great idea, but there’s a lot to consider and a lot more to learn.  Get started by gaining the necessary information and education from the Residential Assisted Living Academy by registering at

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