Create Substantial, Recurrent Cash Flow

Start and Run A Business that Earns $10,000 NET Cash Flow Per Month - For Life

Our certified RAL Home Study Course reveals how you can convert a residential home into a cash flow machine! Starting an assisted living home can help you create a legacy for you and your family while working to achieve financial freedom!

Your Chance to Earn Significant Residual Income

The Biggest Boom In Real Estate Investment for the Next 25 Years

The RAL real estate boom is not driven by Wall Street. It is 100% driven by the US population and the demand is only growing.

Just how real is the demand? The US census gives you the undeniable facts.

Take a look at these stats – every one represents an investment opportunity unlike anything else that exists in the US today.

The demand for residential assisted living for seniors is rising.

You will either own a home, own the business (or both), or… You or a family member will be lying in a bed, writing a check to someone else.

Wondering if someone like you can be successful doing residential assisted living?


Starting any business presents challenges and obstacles to overcome. This is where Gene Guarino and the Residential Assisted Living Academy comes in.

You don’t have to start from the ground up. Gene and the Residential Assisted Living Academy team have laid the ground work — all you have to do is follow the successful game plan that we wrote.

Of course, you could do it all on your own — figuring out everything as you go — but why would you?

Gene literally wrote the book on how to own a successful residential assisted living business – start where he has ended up after years of hard work developing the Assisted Living Business Accelerator.

The man who literally wrote the book on success through Residential Assisted Living

Gene got started in residential assisted living in 2013 – but that wasn’t the first time he heard about it… it was 1998 when he heard first about the silver tsunami of seniors – the baby boomers – who would soon be requiring the services assisted living could provide.

Gene Guarino

Residential Assisted Living Academy™

In the late 2000s Gene’s mom became ill and residential assisted living became more than a way to make great income – it became something he actually needed for his mom. As he looked for an assisted living home for his mother, what he found was nothing he wanted for his mother.

Gene vowed to create a solution – a home he would be proud to have his mom or dad live in.

Residential assisted living is a real solution for a real need that exists for millions of people.

Gene filled his first home with seniors and since that time has been teaching others how to copy his success. He has now trained thousands of investors and entrepreneurs throughout the United States how to invest in and operate residential assisted living homes.

Today Gene is the Founder and CEO of Residential Assisted Living Academy™ and is your teacher and mentor, showing you step-by-step how to start, operate, and scale a successful RAL business.

How to Get Started in Residential Assisted Living

If you are considering launching a business in residential assisted living, you will want to start by accomplishing the following:

In addition to the above, there are several other considerations you’ll need to make:

These are important steps in the RAL process and important questions that you will want to have answers for. You could take 12-18

Or you could learn from Gene, launch your first home in less than 6 months, and start earning.

Introducing the Home Study Course

A Certified Training from Residential Assisted Living Academy

Join the Residential Assisted Living Academy and Gene will show you how to immediately start building your RAL business. You will discover exactly how to:

Hear what RAL students have to say about Gene and the Academy

What you will discover inside the Residential Assisted Living Online Home Study Course

Everything Gene Guarino has learned is delivered directly to you in a go-at-your-own-pace video curriculum—accessible 24/7.

Master the Basics of Residential Assisted Living

Step-by-step instruction for selecting a high success location, navigating architecture and interior safety, how to pass inspection with flying colors, successfully work through zoning and licensing, and market to attract high-value, low-impact residents.


Everything you need to know about RAL opportunities, including understanding key terms, choosing to own or lease a home, using a private lender, becoming an investor or owning a franchise, and determining the type of home you would like to own.

Real Estate

Learn about real estate parameters for RAL homes such as magical curb appeal, understand local requirements and safety codes, the ideal number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the importance of common areas and outdoor gathering space, and deciding between buying a home that is profitable now or one that needs to be renovated.


Location, location, location — it’s critical to your success in residential assisted living. Discover other crucial knowledge such as an understanding of the 20-minute rule, the importance of demographics, research the competition, and how to rate the area level.

Own A Business that Runs With or Without You

Complete training to bring your RAL business to life including how to secure start-up capital, planning for your first expansion, and maintaining long-term success – while using your winning business formula to scale your business and profits.


A key area of owning a RAL is funding and there are 7 different ways to do it. Critical to funding are the 4 C’s, understanding the capital stack, traditional and nontraditional ways to borrow money, and creating a business plan.

Cash Flow

Expert instruction to help you understand cash flow, how the money comes in, and where it goes is crucial. Gain understanding of who pays for residents, types of expenses, and how to calculate cash flow for a RAL business.


Purchasing an existing RAL gets you to profitability immediately, however there are factors to consider such as location, reputation, and your overall goal. Other topics covered include reviewing financial documents, expansion opportunities, business valuation methods, and purchasing an existing RAL versus starting it up from scratch.


Discover the steps involved in promoting your RAL home, giving you business a strong name, marketing collateral, creating a brochure, how to fill your home with wealthy residents, and powerful advertising options to consider.

Run Daily Operations Like A RAL Seasoned Pro

Discover the secret to filling your home with high-paying residents, use done-for-you systems for operations, hire a winning staff, and maneuver through the nuances of food, activities, and other recreation for your residents.

RAL Academy Works and Success Can Be Yours, Too!

I took the course in February, and had a business in July… I spoke with others in my area and for many, it took years to get their doors open”

— Carla Lee

There is room for you!

Here is the simple truth – the need for suitable senior housing is driven by the Baby Boomer generation – this generation is a Silver Tsunami of Opportunity coming your way. The demand is rising by the day and supply is scarce.

Want Proof? Take our 3-question test:


No. No. Yes

You Have Your Answer!

Baby boomers are an unstoppable silver tsunami of opportunity. They are now aging and need to move into assisted living.

This is an opportunity where you enter at the front of the line.

You get to start the first and best RAL home in your area, in your city, in your state!


Go where the money will be!

Money Back Guarantee

money back guarantee

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