Get started free with our free intro course!

Get started free with our free intro course!

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Books from RALAcademy

Learn the Residential Assisted Living business from the assisted living leaders. From the real estate play, to the operations blueprint, all the way to building a business that elevates the standard of care for our beloved seniors while simultaneously helping you create a legacy that outlasts you, our books paint a complete picture of the RAL opportunity, holding nothing back!

The Silver Tsunami of Seniors by Gene Guarino

Your BLUEPRINT to starting a Residential Assisted Living business that creates residual income and builds a legacy.

A comprehensive guide to starting a residential assisted living (RAL) business written by the late Gene Guarino, “The Godfather of Residential Assisted Living.” This is the solid foundation you need for building a thriving RAL business.

Dive into this essential guide to create a lasting financial legacy for your family.

Living Legacy by Isabelle Guarino

Invest in your community while creating significant cash flow

Answers to all of your questions about what it means (and what it doesn’t) to own a Residential Assisted Living (RAL) home. You’ll learn about the industry, how to find a home, tips for staffing your home and marketing to find residents, as well as options for financing your initial investment.

You’ll receive invaluable wisdom, learning how to FIND IT, FILL IT, AND FUND IT – find the best property, fill the home with caring staff and residents with very appreciative families, and secure the funding needed to start your venture.

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