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Gene Guarino, Assisted Living Trainers Speaking On Stage

Why the RAL Academy 3-Day Fast Track is Your Best First Step in Assisted Living


Did you know that time moves faster 8 times a year? This acceleration affects savvy individuals signing up for RAL Academy 3-day course. 

Annually, the academy offers 8 opportunities each year for students to sign up for classes that sell out quickly. 

The fast-track classes are designed to help people seeking to start a RAL business.

During each 3-day course, RALAcademy is showing students step-by-step that building a RAL business is more about the mortar than bricks. 

Founder, Gene Guarino is sharing secrets to success and helping business owners open new RAL homes nationwide. 

Instead of industry newcomers taking an inexperienced “I got this” approach, the academy is streamlining students with successful strategies.

In addition to the 3-day course, Guarino and his nationwide team of experts provide ongoing support to help students avoid RAL industry pitfalls as they navigate the process. 

Step-by-step the RALAcademy is walking students through the process of owning and operating residential assisted living homes.


With so much information needed to start an assisted living business, the 3-day course streamlines the learning process with a wealth of priceless information. 

Guarino is a certified financial planner, trained over 300,000 people worldwide, continues mentoring thousands, best-selling author of Investing in Senior Housing, and facilitates 8 RAL Academy classes annually.

During his live training sessions, he shows attendees what to do, how to do it, and the commitment needed to build the momentum to create a rewarding career. After the sold-out 3-day assisted living business accelerator, students walk away with layers of information needed to fast-track their business. 

In order to positively streamline students into owning and operating assisted living homes, RAL Academy provides the following: 

  • A 200-page Assisted Living Business Accelerator manual;
  • Inner-circle consultant and home owner’s presentations;
  • Former RAL student testimonials; 
  • RAL home virtual tours and technical training; 
  • High-energy, interactive, and firsthand training with Gene Guarino;
  • Need-to-know Content, Networking and Q&A sessions.

“The academy is like an ecosystem,” said Loe Hornbuckle, who owns and operates four memory care homes in Louisiana. 

The academy is also a nationwide network of team members that offer ongoing support. 

RALA student Carla Lee Martinez went through the 3-day course in 2015. Afterward, she opened, owned and operated 9 homes in New Mexico. 

As an inner-circle leader of RAL Academy, she explains why owners should hire for values and attitude, not skills.

Following the fast-paced course, students received optional supported throughout the process of starting their new RAL business.


The RAL Academy model is more than just a money maker; it’s about helping others while building a legacy.

“We have a heart,” Guarino said. “We make money, but we care about seniors.” Big box $17 million care facilities have a ratio of 15-30 seniors to 1 caregiver.

Residential assisted living offers a smaller setting placing more emphasis on care, with a 5-to-1 senior to caregiver ratio. 

“They can’t scale what we do,” he said. 

Academy presenters explains the importance of securing the right real estate location, accessible bathrooms, planning for renovations, rates for residents and investment opportunities.

The RAL Academy model is centered on the “do good and do well” concept. Guarino’s passion is fueled by his personal experiences of caring for loved ones.

His approach is genuine.

Guarino gives students the secrets needed to succeed at providing seniors with safe, comfortable and affordable assisted living. 


The team of instructors at the fast-track events make themselves available morning, noon and night. The academy experts answer questions from A-Z to help students fully grasp the RAL concept. The team also creates a welcoming and professional environment where no one is an island.

The comprehensive course creates content with context by allowing students to hear from presenters who have exhaustive experience in the industry. 

Students are also able to interact with previous students who share thriving as success stories. 

RAL Academy is the premiere course to learn how to properly run a RAL business, instead of allowing it running you. 

Fast track students share an eye-opening experience exploring different levels of RAL homes during guided virtual tours.

It is the nation’s most power-packed and fast-paced course proven to accelerate RAL businesses with a step-by-step comprehensible approach.

Countless RAL Academy graduates across the country have evolved into success stories. Anyone can do this, start by believing in yourself today.

Contact RAL Academy now to get registered for the next 3-day course while space is available. 

There is a silver Tsunami of seniors coming, with 10,000 Baby Boomer turning age 65 everyday.

More than 4000 super seniors are turning age 85 everyday, which is the fastest growing demographic in the country. 

Now is the perfect time to do good and do well.

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