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Starting in Residential Assisted Living: Attracting Others to Your Brand

Starting in Residential Assisted Living: Attracting Others to Your Brand

Attracting others to your brand is key to the success of your residential assisted living home. 

Ever wonder why some people seem to have friends everywhere? Have you ever gone on vacation and met a person who didn’t meet a stranger?  

Do you have a friend or associate who makes friends with ease? Do you know how this happens?  

It is rather simple, yet something many struggle to achieve.

In short, people like to talk. That’s it. Nothing more to it.  

What does this mean, and what do people like to talk about?

The truth of it is, people like to talk about themselves. Self-explanation is not necessarily based upon a person being conceited, narcissistic, sociopathic or just downright obnoxious.

People often do not get the opportunity to express their thoughts or sentiments about any particular thing in life. So, when they do it’s usually an expansive interaction.

Additionally, it’s often easier to express yourself with a stranger than with those around you. So, people who want to make friends do so by allowing others to express themselves. 

People who listen more than they speak tend to have friends everywhere because people feel as if they’ve made a connection.  

Comments Made About Listeners

  • “John understands me.”
  • “Kathy just gets me.”
  • “Isn’t Ryan just the easiest person to talk to about anything?”
  • “Jack is trustworthy.”
  • “I know Tamika well.  We talk all the time.”

In actuality, many of these friends, who are casual acquaintances, know very little about the person whom they call friends.  

Regardless of the true nature of the relationship, people who make friends everywhere do so because they are empathetic – they listen.  

They really enjoy getting to know people.  How about you?

  • Do you enjoy getting to know people? 
  • Are you patient enough to allow someone else the opportunity to provide you with a little self-explanation?
  • Are you interested enough to remember some basic facts shared with you by someone else?

Yes, I’ll admit you may need to be a bit nosey. Nothing is wrong with being nosy, as long as you keep your nose to yourself.  

But, avoid gossiping about what someone has shared with you no matter how personal or impersonal it may be.  

Friends may very well become prospects, partners, investors or even advisors to your residential assisted living business.  

So, whether you are searching for prospects for your business, talented staff, investors or the right partner, the basic keys to building friendships will benefit you more than you can know.  

These relationships tend to rebound at the right time. They are invaluable. So, how do you do it?   


1. Do not try to sell your greatness. Just be yourself, and remember, people really are into themselves. This skill is key with attracting investors, the right investors.

a. You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get others to be interested in you.” 

b. Maintain eye contact. This shows that you are listening, interested and fully engaged.

2. Don’t wear a frown like it’s a prize – it’s not. A positive attitude and an endearing facial expression go a long way in senior living sales. Smile! It won’t hurt you, and it can improve your overall health, too.

a. Be upbeat and engaging. Be energetic and enjoy the moment.

b. Your vocal tone should match your body language. Upbeat but not overbearing. You don’t want to scare someone off.

3. Just ask. You do not need to know it all. Mispronouncing someone’s name is an easy fix. Ask them the pronunciation. It will take you a long way, especially in engaging prospects and investors. People know if their name is difficult and you’re asking them to teach you and put them in the driver’s seat. This is where prospects and investors prefer to be – in control of the situation. So, let them drive, while you are respectful of them. 

4. Listen more than you speak. Ask probing questions, which demand elongated answers. Let people talk through their process without your interference. Let them bump around and come to a conclusion. Asking the right questions allows the prospect/investor to make the right decision.

a. The 80/20 rule works best: 80% listening, 20% talking.

5. Appreciation goes further than you think. This is simple, but in order for it to be effective, you’ve got to mean it.

a. Saying “thank you,” is nice, but showing “gratitude” is another level. It’s the small things done that matter.


Vanity is not a friend maker. Many people assume likeability and attraction are tied to physical appearance. Wrong.  

While physical appearance does play a role in likeability, it is a small aspect when compared to your personality and behavior. 

Consider this.

Would you rather spend a valuable vacation with a beautiful person possessed with an ugly attitude or an average-looking person with a beautiful attitude?

Your answer to this question will expose your level of vanity.

The following are some very basic tips to attracting people to your RAL brand:

  • Look clean and dress accordingly. You won’t attract a high-class businessperson wearing dirty clothes.
  • Maintain a high level of personal hygiene. 
  • Never swear or use foul words. It’s extremely unattractive if not just plain rude.
  • Never put somebody down in your conversations and treat everybody equal.
  • Don’t pretend to be somebody that you aren’t. You are the best version of yourself that anyone could ever be.


Customers are looking for companies from which they can make a continual connection.  People at their core, want to be brand advocates.  

People associate with brands more than you might understand. Brand advocacy is fostered by trust.   

In other words, while you are searching for customers to love your brand, customers are also searching for companies and brands to love.

Think about it, with all the current market choices, and the limited time people have to make decisions, it’s much easier for them to find a trusted brand.

This takes away the frustration of searching, the risk of buying an inferior product, or the experience dealing with a long delivery time.

So, what does it take to attract potential residents to like and eventually love your RAL brand? 

What must you do to attract the right people to your residential assisted living home?  

How do you cultivate a relationship with the right people in the marketplace who will become your next brand advocate?  

Remember brand advocates also protect their brands.

Unsure about this?  

Go online and say something insulting about R&B singer Beyonce. Watch how fast members of her “Beehive,” come after you.  They protect their brand.

So, here are 6 ways to attract more customer love through retention marketing.


1.     Understand Them

The only way to truly understand someone is to listen Talk less and listen more. It really is that simple. Get people talking by asking deep probing questions. Your prospects and investors will find talking with you is therapeutic. They’ll become comfortable and more than likely engage in a business relationship with you. Remember, it’s not as much about price as it is value. When people value you, they do business with you.

2.     Build Relationships

The best way to build relationships is through empathy. It really makes a difference.

3.     Stay Relevant

With an abundance of emails, offers, and online retailers selling comparable products, prospects for your RAL are looking for the easiest and fastest way to find what they want and make their purchase. Sending relevant information only. It’s best to send email communications with links to your webpage, where they can be driven to the information that interests them most.

4.     Be on Time

If you’ve promised a deliverable, that is, if you’ve set an appointment or made some sort of commitment do everything possible to keep to it. One safe practice here is to under promise and over deliver. That means, give yourself plenty of wiggle room to deliver on your promise. If you know you can deliver in 5 days, make the deliverable in 7 or 8 days. Then, when you are early, everyone is happy and impressed.

5.     Keep the Conversation Flowing

Shortly after your prospects or investors have departed, send them a message. Keep it simple by just saying “thank you.” Be sure to invite them to another event, join your community electronically, or ask for a follow-up meeting, especially with investors. Always remember, eating is a social activity and breaking bread gives people the feeling of family. 

6.     Reward Them

Everybody wins at your residential assisted living business. Whether prospect or investor, everyone gets a prize. People love receiving gifts. Cost is irrelevant. Give away prizes.  

  • Little gifts bags stuffed with chocolates, hard candy, brochures, coupons or even a gift card if your budget supports it.
  • An envelope with a “thank you” card, gum, etc…

Starting in the residential assisted living industry can be daunting, especially if you attempt to do so alone.  

This, however, does not need to be your experience.  Why not make some friends?

Join us and experience the journey of a lifetime with people who you’ll come to know as friends.

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