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Start in Residential Assisted Living: Your New Website Holds the Key

Starting your Residential Assisted Living business will require a functional website, which means owners and operators will need a quality website builder.

Many business owners are willing to build a site independently, but lack coding expertise. As a result, in order to build a personal website that looks good and works well, there are several platforms that will help users do so step by step.

This process makes it easy to set up without any knowledge of computer coding – you can get a professional-looking website in minutes.

These sites look amazing.

To find the best website builders for your business the following information will help you eliminate your lengthy search.

Instead of scrolling through more than 30 web-building platforms, we’ve provided information about 4 quality products that include customer support and pricing.


  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Ucraft

1. WIX

Residential assisted living business owners seeking the easiest site building platform can benefit from Wix.

  • Automates the tough choices
  • Paid plans start at $11 per month
  • Free trial period: 14 days
  • Traffic and conversion analytics

Wix is easily the best website builder supported by questions prompted by artificial intelligence that allow you to immediately build a customized site.

Wix does have a free tier, but it does not come highly recommended. Unfortunately, the pricing isn’t very upfront. Wix wants users to secure a domain before receiving a pricing email.

The Wix artificial intelligence matched my new site to my existing online business. Users can utilize an existing logo to create a color palette for their site.

A template will be pre-populated with your logo and your street address – connecting images from existing social media accounts is made easy.

There are few things to keep in mind when using Wix.

Desktop editing requires patience, because users must hover and click precisely on the right spot of each text box to make changes.

While the mobile editor is helpful, the overall program is super easy to navigate.

Here’s the catch. Your Wix plan will automatically renew and it is impossible to change this feature – users must contact Wix prior to the end of your 14-day free trial. However, the free trial will cancel immediately upon calling.

2. WordPress

RAL owners should also consider using WordPress, which requires no subscription fee for a limitless site.

WordPress is best for content management. Users are required to purchase a domain name and web hosting prior to using WordPress.

Why do companies and entertainers like Vogue, Lucky Peach, and Beyonce use WordPress to build their own website platforms? This is because WordPress comes highly recommended, especially if you’re running a content-based site, such is the case with websites for RAL homes.

The popularity of WordPress attracts a huge community of designers and developers that create some of the best innovative plugins and themes.

WordPress is not a one-stop shop, users will need a domain name, hosting, and a theme.

After completing the quick 5-minute installation, users can log in to a preloaded starter theme, or install a new one. You can adjust settings, menus, and page structure prior to writing blog posts and making routine changes.

3. Squarespace

Users can explore Squarespace for free to build something absolutely beautiful online – they are the winners in design and beauty.

  • Stellar templates
  • Plans start at $12 per month
  • Free trial period: 14 days

The community of users is small, so peer support is limited.

However, when users are able to navigate the platform, they can build an amazingly good-looking and modern site.

This platform is far more complicated to maneuver than advertised, especially when navigating the Squarespace editor.

Squarespace wasn’t created as an easy-to-use program. It can also be difficult to save changes due to an error message that prompts users to move forward without changing.

Expect a learning curve.

Also, the platform is more expensive than other web builders. However, Squarespace allows users to create one of the most eye-catching, contemporary and beautiful websites.

4. Ucraft

For starters, you can try out Ucraft at no cost – yes, they offer completely free trial.

  • Free one-page sites
  • Paid plans start at $10 per month
  • Free trial period: 14 days

Ucraft enables users to create a super simple, mobile ready web page that connects your domain at no charge to users. However, the free version will highlight a non-invasive Ucraft branding content on your website.

Ucraft enables users to easily drag and drop elements to create an elegant theme.

Ucraft meets all the basic requirements that benefit most users for building sites for residential assisted living homes.

  • Ease of use.
  • A professional high-quality final product.
  • Customer support.
  • Low pricing.


Building a website is only one of the important ongoing responsibilities to owning and operating a residential assisted living business.

RALNA provides professional tips, guidance for legal expertise, continued education, national marketing, group purchasing power and support to members. We empower owners and operators to administer quality senior care.

Every RAL business must be centered around keeping seniors safe and healthy – this is an evolving task that requires innovative online support – starting with a quality website.

Find the support you need by clicking here.

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