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After spending 3-days in Arizona, men and women depart for home, determined to bring Residential Assisted Living to their community… and they succeed!

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Serenity Gardens

Dalton, Connecticut


The Dogwood Home

Shelton, Texas


The Renovation Home

Shelton, Texas


Meet the Stars of RALAcademy Origins

Deirdre Virvo

RAL Owner

Tiffany Ricketts

RAL Owner

Joshua Hull

RAL Owner

Heather Self

RAL Owner

Greg Self

RAL Owner

Jamie Robinson

RAL Owner

Tim Wilson

Director of operations

Your Future Success

RAL Professional

Kevin Lincoln


The RAL Academy day 1 was fantastic with excellent presenters and information provided. I feel very confident we will be able to use the information immediately in opening our very own RAL facility.

Brianna Felz


What a phenomenal 3 days of information. Leaving this event gaining a wealth of knowledge to launch us forward in our RAL business. The attention to not only knowledge but also the personal aspect of feeing that this all comes from the heart and not just the pocket book, is what sets this academy apart from others

Matthew Rhea


A top quality organization with a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise. My wife and I couldn’t be more grateful to be apart of the team and to be able to share in there resources. Highly recommended if you have a heart helping others.

Melanie Claborn


I am so grateful to have the support of RALA; Scott Lovitt has been an invaluable resource! I appreciate his wealth of knowledge and willingness to share!

Rodney Gresham


My son and I attended the 3 day event in Phoenix and had a wonderful experience. To say the least, it has been an uplifting and encouraging experience for me. Isabelle, is the real deal; glad to have her as a friend for support. The RALA team and a host of others, have been there when we needed them, and we thank you all. My son and I will continue to work and see this through to the end. We may be slow, but we are working for sure. 🙂 Thank you for all your kindness to such ordinary people, as we are.

Dabuek Colletti


This is a wonderful seminar that introduces the Residential Assisted Living Business model. I highly recommend attendance and pursuing this business opportunity, to help yourself, your family, and the generations before us.

The Story of Residential Assisted Living is Being Written

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You were born to make a difference in the lives of others. Residential Assisted Living offers you the role of a lifetime. Purchase access to RALAcademy Origin Stories, see how all the parts come together, and discover your role in the story!

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