Success with RALA: Malou

Alou is one of our Residential Assisted Living Academy students finding success in her journey with residential assisted living. One of the ways she is getting where she wants to go is through accountability and support. Do you have someone helping keep you accountable for your business goals?

Financing A Residential Assisted Living Home: Loans

Residential Assisted Living is one of the hottest topics in investing and real estate. Entrepreneurs and investors are taking notice of the growing demand for this niche service and the income streams it affords. But how exactly does one finance an assisted living home?

Simple Steps for Creating Brand Identity

There is so much thought and effort that goes into building a memorable brand, but the initial phases of creating brand identity are the same. Here are some simple tips to help you get started building your brand from scratch.

Senior Housing Yields Higher Returns

There are many ways to invest your money and resources these days, stocks, commodities, EFTs, crypto, real estate, etc. But with all the countless choices out there, where should you make your investment? Surprisingly, senior housing returns are heads above most other business and real estate options.

Making Your Dream Life A Reality

We all have dreams of what we want life to be, or what we hope it will be one day. Being our own boss with the freedom, time and capital to do what we want. But what does it take to start making that dream a reality? For some it just takes a few steps…

Mistakes to Avoid When Making Your Pitch

Pitching is all about making the right impression. Whether it’s pitching your new business to potential investors or partners or seeking additional capital to expand your business, every entrepreneur needs to know how to pitch successfully. Here are some critical mistakes to avoid.

The Perfect Time Is Now

Most of us are creatures of habit. No matter how ambitious we are, it usually takes a lot to get us to take that first step into something new. If you’re waiting for the perfect time to start your new entrepreneurial idea or business, you might be waiting forever. That’s why the ideal time is now.

“I Care A Lot” – Could this REALLY happen?

Netflix recently released a film called “I Care A Lot,” which has many people discussing elder financial abuse in America. We welcome the discussion and hope that more people are made aware of the dangers all vulnerable people face.

Does This Check Your Boxes?

Residential assisted living is one of the hottest topics in real estate and business, and the opportunities to do good while making significant cash flow are excellent. Is it the business for you? Does this incredible opportunity check your boxes?