Residential Assisted Living Is Key To Solving The Looming Senior Housing Crisis

Solving the Senior Housing Crisis

There is a demographic time bomb set to go off that will usher in a new frontier of investment and profitability in the real estate market. Population projections show that there will be a drastic shift in demographics in the U.S. This will create an unprecedented investment opportunity, as well as an overwhelming challenge for […]

Boost your Productivity by Prioritizing Yourself

To get to the place where you are helping these people, you need to prioritize the elements in your life so that you can be successful. This is where setting priorities and focusing on productivity come into play. Learn how to prioritize yourself and your business dreams. 

Residential Assisted Living Business Plan

Your Key to Success, Residential Assisted Living Business Plan, Featured Image

Residential Assisted Living is generating A LOT of buzz in the real estate, business, and investment communities right now. A great business plan is the entryway to your success. Not all business plans are created equal. You get just ONE CHANCE to make a “first impression.” Get it right and it can be smooth sailing. […]

Start Small: A Guide to Starting in Assisted Living

77 Million Baby Boomers

Why is smaller better in assisted living? There are several answers to this question which we will unpack and illuminate for you in this article. If you have been curious about the investment opportunities in residential assisted living, putting together a residential assisted living business plan, and how to start your own assisted living facility […]

Accessing the Power to Create Your Success

Every entrepreneur wants to access the necessary power to create unyielding success. Have you ever heard someone ready to take on the world say: “I’m on a mission.” “This is my destiny.” “This is my purpose.” “I’m living my best life – now.” Well-intentioned, these statements tend to be buckets with no bottoms. They are […]

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Start

As the baby boomers age, the massive wave known as the Silver Tsunami is beginning to be felt. The number of seniors who need assistance with activities of daily living is growing by the day, and this is creating an incredible opportunity for those who want to do well financially while doing good in their communities.

Finding Success with RALA: Talon & Christina

There are so many ways to find success with residential assisted living. Whether you own and operate the home or hire qualified people to run it for you, because certain states have occupancy limits, knowing the rules and regulations is key to your success.

Entrepreneurs: This Is a Must If You Want To Succeed

Making your start in any new business can be daunting. But, as an entrepreneur, one of the best things you can do is surround yourself with people who can help you, support you, and point you to the places in the market where you will thrive.