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Your Start in Residential Assisted Living: Teamwork

The residential assisted living industry boasts one of the greatest investments for any opportunistic entrepreneur. The return on investment alone is alluring, but what makes this investment different from so many others? This answer is simple at a glance, people.

However, it’s not just any people, it’s the right people.

Anyone can build a team, but to build a highly functional residential assisted living team takes a plan and systems that support the staff for success. Learning how to create this type of team requires guidance from industry professionals that possess the following traits:

  1. Genuinely care for senior residents and their loved ones
  2. Have mentors that own and operate residential assisted living homes themselves
  3. Invest in the development of services specific to residential assisted living
  4. Help shape the policies that govern the assisted living industry
  5. Understand the senior living investment model that creates generational wealth

These people are associated with Residential Assisted Living National Association and the Residential Assisted Living Academy.

What makes these two organizations so important? They are vital to your success. The training offered by the Residential Assisted Living Academy is invaluable.

Good success is contingent upon leveraging an outstanding team associated with RALNA and RALA.


Going it alone is no strategy for success. Working with a knowledgeable accessible team will make owning and operating a residential assisted living home a sheer joy.

Why? The thoughtful entrepreneur is not alone. They seek guidance from those who have been there and done it already, successfully. Working within the network of RALNA and RALA will place you amongst an assisted living family of owners who want the best for you, your residents, and staff.

In this industry, when one owner wins, all owners win.

Furthermore, when owners operate within highly functional and supportive teams, they build the same within their respective homes.

As a result, these residential assisted living homes have teams that are high performing. Who wins when this happens Everybody – you, your residents, and staff all win.

This is why the following five quick tips will help you navigate out the starting block to a victorious start in residential assisted living.


When employees are invested in their workplace, that is, when they feel a deep sense of responsibility for the functions associated with their role, morale is increased. RALA helps new entrepreneurs in this industry understand the importance of a shared sense of ownership and “how to” operate their homes in this way.

An environment that fosters ownership offers:

  • Greater responsibility for decision making
  • Greater control over operations in the workplace
  • Project leadership, even cultivation

When employees are empowered in this way, your residential assisted living home flourishes.


“Teamwork makes the dream work,” is the old saying. Nothing is truer than in Residential Assisted Living homeownership. No one is an island.

This makes the workplace more of a family atmosphere, one where employees enjoy coming to work and feel a sense of homeownership. The team becomes a family away from your family. The home becomes a home away from home. Trust is established and maintained when the teaming environment is commonplace.

Disagreements are settled quickly because employees understand and know one another. They tend to think the best of one another or at least bear respect that goes beyond position.

These relationships translate into optimal care for residents.


For the new residential assisted living homeowner, teamwork creates a flexible work environment for you and your employees. This is first understood when you are a part of the Residential Assisted Living team. Flexible how?

When teams are highly functional, the absence of one member does not stop the delivery of services offered by the team. Highly functional teams understand and operate with a synergism.

Therefore, when one person is away, the team can cover those responsibilities without fail. Likewise, for the owner, the team of RAL homeowners is essential to your business.

Their oversight, consultation, and camaraderie can help you operate your business effectively and efficiently.


Teams are created for long-term and short-term purposes. However, regardless of their length of service, teams are laboratories of creativity and innovation.

Successful teams collaborate formally and informally. As such, they tend to find new ways or better ways to do ordinary and advanced tasks.

Efficient and high functioning teams have revolutionized the workplace but have become inseparable in the RAL home. Without proper team synergy, the residential assisted living home would struggle to operate efficiently.

If teamwork is essential for the success of the residential assisted living home, how much more effective is it for the homeowner? Align yourself with the best in the industry and receive the support and benefits of a highly effective team of owners.


Why are effective teams so important? What makes teams so vital to residential assisted living homeownership success?

Residential assisted living homeownership is dependent upon teamwork because so much more can be accomplished with less. The synergy created by highly functional teams fosters a positive atmosphere that is highly productive.

Learning how to build these teams is essential to success. Therefore, get trained today with the Residential Assisted Living Academy.


Team building is as much a science as it is an art. Successful teams are not merely thrown together. They are built. That’s right. Team building takes work.

Why? Teams are composed of people and people are unpredictable. Therefore, take the time necessary to build your best team, composed of people with skills and personalities that will help make your plans in residential assisted living a reality.

Not sure whether you have the skills to make this happen? Not a problem.

Join the Residential Assisted Living Academy.

The Residential Assisted Living Academy is here to coach you on team building and every other critical component of sustaining a successful assisted living business.

Joining the right team is a sure way to start off winning.

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