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Your RAL Website...The Key to Your Success

Your RAL Website…The Key to Your Success

Seniors and their loved ones reaffirm the value of your residential assisted living home by simply visiting your website.  

Successful RAL owners and operators understand that quality, functional website is where seniors will decide if they want to take a tour of your home. 

Your residential assisted living website is a crucial necessity to assist in filling the beds in your RAL home.  

5 Critical Points to Consider When Building Your Website:

  1. Do your marketing homework
  2. Make your website user-friendly
  3. How website details make the difference
  4. Design your website to define your brand 
  5. Why your website matters 

Websites are generally used to show everything your RAL home has to offer.  

Those who are looking for residential assisted living, your website is the first impression of an introduction. 

Search Engine Optimization known as SEO is critical and must be fully up to date in 2020.  

Businesses who have not looked into their optimization should definitely take a look this year. 

How valuable is driving more prospects to your RAL home in 2020?  

Do Your Marketing Homework

Here are 3 main topics when evaluating your new marketing strategy for digital content.  

Three Main Strategies for Digital Content 

  1. Your Audience:  Decide the community you want your website to target.  What makes you stand out from the others?
  2. Your Business Goals:  Identify the essentials your website needs to make each visitor aware:
    • How do you want them to contact you?  
    • Do you offer services that need to be highlighted?  
    • Do you want others to share their experiences?
  3. The Absolutes:  Do you have any social media presence?  Does your website have space for a blog?  Are there any resource links available? Do you have quality photos/videos loaded?

Simply put your website is at the center of your success in generating new prospective residents.  

An inactive website is detrimental to growth.  

RAL owners and operators must understand the quality of a website and how important a role it plays.  

There must be a strategy when designing a website. Your design has immediate effects and will determine positive or negative responses to your brand.

Whether you’re looking for numerous clicks or to take over your industry, a well-designed site will ensure the validity of your RAL home.

It will also put your visitors at ease to freely navigate to their points of interest.

Ignoring these important steps to a good design could disengage and relinquish their interest in ever visiting your site again.  

Avoid these mistakes to help more quickly fill the beds in your RAL home.

Make Your Website User-Friendly

A user-friendly website is critical for navigators.

Producing a fully functional website page that uses distinct, accurate messaging alone can boost your company way ahead of competitors. 

Add a few additional user-friendly components and presto you are on your way to achieving your goal.  

Afterward, you will be able to statistically gauge your place in the market based on website traffic. 

Four User-Friendly Tips

  1. Make sure when seniors and their loved ones visit your website they are able to access it on their desktop, tablet, and/or mobile device. 
  2.  Ensure your website is accurate and flows.
  3. Allow readers to navigate without any hindrances or disruption.
  4. Failure to produce a practical website will most certainly add to your marketing frustration instead of helping it. 

How Website Details Make the Difference

While being user-friendly and practical are crucial points – the overall design and layout are pertinent to success.  

A prospective client’s first glance automatically determines your value in under one minute, oftentimes even in 5 seconds. 

Questions That Determine Your Worth

  • Can you distinguish your website from others in your industry? 
  • Does it flow easily?  
  • Is it congested with unnecessary information?  
  • Is your page clear and concise?  

Each of these questions is meant to give a sense of perspective.  An adequate and appropriate website can definitely contribute to your overall success.  

Design Your Website to Define Your Brand

Your website is usually the initial point of contact with the outside world and seniors in need of your services.  

Being uniquely creative with your design will, in turn, expand your elderly audience.  A user-friendly, practical website will leave a lasting impression with your visitors. 

Providing clients with an interactive and intuitive website is key to driving potential clients to your brand.  

Why Your Website Matters

Well-Planned website design can lead to a successful marketing strategy.  

From the very moment, a prospective resident visits your page to the last click before exiting its overall look can determine a scheduled tour. 

An intentional skillfully arranged website can make all the difference. Do not become overwhelmed, a great website starts with a great strategy – you can do it.

RAL Academy Knows How to Market Your Business

Building your website is a major component of owning and operating a RAL home. Understanding these five critical components is only the beginning:

During the 3-day RAL Academy course, instructors use an interactive approach that allows participants to walk away with many other successful strategies.

Participants learn everything from A to Z about how to run a RAL business, with many pro-tips that allow seniors to live in a safe environment. Visit to learn more about building the right website and much more for owning and operating a successful residential assisted living home.

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