Residential Assisted Living Founder Gene Guarino

Gene Guarino
CFP, entrepreneur, real estate investor, trainer, mentor, writer, husband, father, grandfather and founder of
Residential Assisted Living Academy.

Would you like to own a business making you a steady income of $10,000 a month or more, set up and running in less than six months from today?

And then would you like to replicate that idea to make $20,000 or $30,000 or even more every single month?

The Residential Assisted Living Academy gives you the opportunity to create a substantial, recurrent cash flow with our Assisted Living Business Accelerator course.

Learn how you can convert a residential home into one for assisted housing and senior living, while creating a running business and income stream for life!

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Residential Assisted Living Learn Online

Leave behind a legacy, a running business for your family and kids.
Do something more meaningful than just making money.
Do good in the process by helping others.

Find the freedom of time and money
to do what you want, when you want,
with whom you want, for as long as you want.

Start where Gene has ended up after years of hard work and developing this system.
Save yourself the years spent learning and experiencing and realizing what not to do.

What you get?

Here are the tools and resources you’ll have access to in order to create long term wealth for yourself and your family:

Founder of Residential Assisted Living Academy Gene Guarino is your instructor


Learn how to build your own success in the Residential Assisted Living arena. Everything Gene has learned from being in the business for so many years will be out there for you.

Residential Assisted Living Home


You’ll have access to real-life million-dollar case studies from Gene’s own successful properties. Learn how those were discovered and built, and are managed and maintained.

Residential Assisted Living Classroom


Hear from students and associates who have taken this course and implemented it, creating a positive cash flow success story!

Residential Assisted Living staff


Learn how to find them, hire them, train them – and what kind of staff you need to have based on compliance rules and the level of care your home will provide.

Residential Assisted Living Academy Online Access


This training is available and accessible 24/7. Do it at your own pace and come back to it over and over as you learn and implement this successful formula for substantial, positive cash flow.

Residential Assisted Living Investment Opportunity


Learn the easiest and most hassle-free ways to fund your project, and how to avoid the red tape and costly fees many lenders require.

Here at the RAL Academy, learn:

√  How to find the best opportunities for RALs in any area


√   How to know if your own property is suitable for an RAL


√  How to attract the right investors and partners


√   How to find the right team and make your life easy


√   How to find the highest paying clients


√   How to do it with or without your own money


√   How to get up and running with your first RAL home


√   Open in less than 6 months from today

Read what others are saying about the future and scope of Residential Assisted Living.

“The most interesting new business idea I’ve come across.” – Jonathan Goldsmith, actor

“There’s tens of millions of people who are. Residential Assisted Living is the place to be when it comes to real estate and investment.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

“The opportunity of our lifetimes in real estate development and investing is likely to be nursing homes and assisted living facilities.” – Harry S. Dent Jr., writer, in his book The Demographic Cliff

Residential Assisted Living Image math

The Tried & Tested
Formula for Success

Learn from Gene’s mistakes and those of hundreds of others. Have a short learning curve and move directly to what actually, always works!

Residential Assisted Living Image choose a path

3 Ways You Can Be a Part of the RAL Phenomenon

Learn three ways you can ride on this wave of booming business opportunity. Choose what suits your circumstances best.

Residential Assisted Living image the time is now

Earn $10000, $20000, $30000 or Even More Every Month

Others have done it and you can too. The potential is unlimited. Set your goals and be up and running in under six months.

Residential Assisted Living image bedroom

Create Beautiful, Positive,
Comfortable Living Spaces

Provide an option that’s far better than an institutional facility
and is affordable as well.

Residential Assisted Living image neighborhood street

Create Real Homes
in Real Neighborhoods

Where the elderly can lead meaningful lives for longer. Somewhere their children don’t feel guilty about sending them.

Learn how to own, operate or invest in Residential Assisted Living Homes.

Leverage knowledge, time and experience of the people working for you.

Here’s what the course is all about

The Assisted Living Business Accelerator is a Certified Home Study Course containing 30+ lessons across 3 modules.

Watch them, listen to them or read them.
Learn at your own pace, your choice!

Residential Assisted Living Course image 101

Module 1:
RAL 101

Learn about everything from site selection, architecture and interiors to safety, zoning and licensing. Also, learn about staffing and marketing strategies.

Residential Assisted Living Course image Operations

Module 2:
RAL Operations

Learn about everything from finding high paying residents to setting up systems and building a team. Figure out nuances like food and activities for the seniors.

Residential Assisted Living Course image Business

Module 3:
RAL Business

Learn about the business and financial aspect of it all including start-up capital requirements, funding, expansion and other key elements of your successful business plan.

As a bonus for signing up right now,
you get 6 months of online support*

This includes asking Gene questions
as you move along the course!

This also includes access to
Gene’s live monthly Q&A webinars

We can all get really good at something.
What do you want to get good at?
How do you see your future?

Success Can Be Yours Too!

Don’t just take our word for it. Look at what others have said after experiencing Residential Assisted Living.


Carla Lee


Karren C.


John B.

You may not be the leader,
but you will be way out in the front.

And you’ve got nothing to lose.
It’s been done before.

We will show you exactly, step by step, how you too can go about setting up a business that will give you a substantial, positive income flow for decades, apart from good Karma that is.

So why should you sign up right now?

That’s your target market, your target demographic right there. With unlimited demand and close to little supply.

Here are some eye-opening facts:

 USA has 77,000,0000 baby boomers


 10,000 people are turning 65 every day


 4,000 people are turning 85 every day


 13% of Americans are currently age 65 or older, and that figure will jump to 18% by 2030


 90% elders want to continue staying in their own home
rather than a big box institutional facility


 But 70% of them also require assistance for their Activities of Daily Living


 They need a Home and they need Assistance

Residential Assisted Living graphic graph image

Ask yourself:

Do you own a Assisted Living Home?

Do you know anyone else who does?

Do you know anyone who’s getting old?

Do you have your answer?

Baby boomers are an unstoppable silver tsunami of opportunity.
They are now aging and need to move into assisted living.

This is an opportunity where you get to enter at the front.
You get to be the best and first RAL home in your area, in your city, in your state!

Go where the money is going to be in the future, not where it has been in the past.

Assisted Living Business Accelerator

Certified Home Study Course

Residential Assisted Living Learn Online

√  Learn from the best in the industry

√  Learn at your own pace

√  24/7 access to course material

√  Proven, tried and tested formula

√  30-day money back guarantee*

( After 30 days or RAL101 is completed the course is non refundable)

√  Substantial, regular, positive income flow
in less than 6 months


But for a limited time only,
you can sign up for the complete course
+ 6 months of online support

for just $997

The time to act is now.
The opportunity is now.

Do Good and Do Well

Provide a home, love, support and care to the elderly while setting up a regular income generating business for yourself.

Find the means to quit your day job. To lead the life where you have the freedom of time and money.

Sign up now for just $997