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This Is Your Blueprint for Investing In Assisted Living

American businessman and author, Gene Guarino, has built a national brand, recognition, and source for all things associated with residential assisted living. His new book is an easy-to-read resource that reveals his secrets to successfully owning and operating a RAL business. His Assisted Living Family of companies include the RAL Academy, which is the nation’s premiere course for owning, operating and investing in RAL homes. The 3-day accelerated course takes place in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition, Guarino is founder of the RAL National Association, Family Legacy Homes, Pitch Masters and the annual RAL National Convention. He has trained thousands of people across the country how to turn single-family homes into cash cows for financial freedom, but it’s not just about the money. His model shows how to provide high quality care in a high demand market. Gene Guarino’s Blueprint for residential assisted living is designed to promote quality care for seniors and opportunities for business owners, operators and investors. His business motto is “Do Good and Do Well”.

Get The Book Now To Prepare For The Coming Silver Tsunami

Did you know that between the years of 1946 to 1964 about 77 million people were born into a generation called baby boomers? Currently, about 10,000 of these individuals are turning age 65 daily, and 4,000 seniors turning 85 every day. About 70 percent of these baby boomers will need assisted living at some point. This is what we call the silver tsunami – a huge influx in the senior living population that the big box senior living industry is not prepared for. This is where you have an opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur with a business that also helps people live healthy and happy lives well into their golden years. 

The Mastermind Behind Residential Assisted Living 

Guarino is also co-author of Investing in Senior Housing, and author of Virtual Entrepreneur, and Cash for Kids (Volume I & II). He was a guest speaker during a 2016 symposium at Harvard University School of Business. The self-taught assisted living entrepreneur shared how he turns single-family homes into a cash flow of $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 and sometimes even $20,000 monthly, per home. His new book, Blueprint, will help you start your own RAL business and gain financial freedom. To truly understand who Gene Guarino is, you have to better understand the “Why” behind his purpose and passion.

The book tells readers everything they need to know step-by-step, while offering additional resources in every section. Blueprint is composed of 10 chapters and divided into 48 sections for easy-to-read content that explains everything about the RAL business from A-Z. 

The Book, Blueprint, Includes Topics Like: 

  • Why is the residential assisted living model such a lucrative investment opportunity?
  • What is the Silver Tsunami, and why is it about to change the landscape of real estate investing?
  • The boom behind baby boomers
  • How is this investment recession proof?
  • Strategies for success
  • Operating procedures
  • Doing good for others while doing well for yourself and your family

Gene Guarino’s Ral Academy Teaches Everything You Need To Know

With more than 20-years of experience, Blueprint can save you a lot of time, effort and money. In this 100-page comprehensive guide, the A-Z overview will show readers how to start a RAL business. He has trained thousands of people across the country how to turn single-family homes into cash flow generators for financial freedom. Blueprint for residential assisted living is designed to promote quality care for seniors and opportunities for business owners, operators and investors. RALA is an assisted living education company that teaches everything from A-Z about meeting the rising demand for senior housing. Guarino’s 3-day accelerated RAL course empowers students to achieve true financial independence. During the course, instructors use an interactive live training approach with virtual RAL home tours to teach students how to gain the most success.

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