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Isabelle Guarino

Senior Housing Crisis And Giving Back To Your Community With Isabelle Guarino

The senior housing crisis is upon us. With over 77 million baby boomers preparing to retire over the next several decades, they are going to need homes. This is where Residential Assisted Living or RAL comes in. It is a home for seniors that is more of a “comfortable home style” than a “nursing home style.”

Residential assisted living is a specialized niche of opportunity inside the real estate investment space. Join Jay Tenenbaum and Seti Gershberg as they talk to Isabelle Guarino-Smith, COO of the Residential Assisted Living Academy, America’s premier training organization for real estate investors.

Listen in as they dive into why so many real estate investors are looking into this niche. Isabelle explains how investors or entrepreneurs can best take advantage of this opportunity and where they can go to learn more. You won’t want to miss out on this episode to learn another niche of real estate investing – residential assisted living.

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