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The Multifamily Millionaire : Real Income from Real Estate with Jason Lee


Isabelle Guarino

Building Wealth Through Residential Assisted Living

Welcome to episode 59 of The Multifamily Millionaire: Real Income From Real Estate with Jason Lee. This week Jason welcomes Isabelle Guarino-Smith and picks her brain about how she has been able to build wealth through residential assisted living.

Isabelle is the COO of the AL Family of companies including the Residential Assisted Living Academy, Pitch Masters Academy, Residential Assisted Living National Association, Four Homes to Freedom, Family Legacy Homes and Residential Assisted Living National Convention.

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Here is what to expect on this week’s show:

  • Why you should invest in residential assisted living
  • The demographics driving the industry
  • How to find and keep the best staff for your team
  • Why she chose this niche
  • How to do residential assisted living remotely

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