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Senior Living Trends: VR in Assisted Living?

With technology moving full steam ahead, times are progressively changing, and these changes will inevitably have an effect on seniors. Technology provides us with numerous ways to stay connected. For example, three decades ago, cell phones were rare. Nowadays, everyone from toddlers to seniors are unable to imagine life without them. Cell phones are pocket-sized computers used for everything from calendars, weather reports, note taking, texting, photography and so much more. With that thought in mind, it’s easy to picture how virtual reality will soon be a prominent aspect of daily life as it progresses into the near future. So, what will it mean for seniors when virtual reality becomes a part of our daily lives?

Virtual Reality Technology In Residential Assisted Living 

  • The increase of more technologically savvy residents combined with the beneficial changes in price will drive the rise of senior living virtual reality.
  • Virtual reality is being used to address everything from resident isolation and pain management to dementia care and staff training.
  • Operators believe that virtual reality can be used to make residents happy because the content can be customized for each individual resident. 
  • Major companies are helping to further innovation and opportunity for assisted living residents, and virtual reality is likely to replace some current home care solutions.

Generational Preference 

With no uncertainty, you’ve probably heard the term baby boomer, especially with 10,000 seniors turning age 65 every day and 4,000 turning age 85. A baby boomer is a person born in the years following World War II, when there was a huge  increase in birth rates as soldiers returned from the war. Born in the year 1946 to 1964, the oldest baby boomers are about 74 years old and knocking on the doors of residential assisted living homes. This means the youngest boomers are about 30 years away from having senior care needs. While still catering to current residents of a previous generation, some RAL homes run the risk of becoming outdated. Generations are changing. For example, instead of meat and potatoes, many baby boomers prefer sushi.

This generation is also computer friendly, technologically savvy, and uses social media from the convenience of their laptops and smartphones. When it comes to marketing residential assisted living homes, you should definitely prepare for the next generation that will be moving in within the next decade. Building for the future while serving the present generation will be a continued challenge for owners and operators. Marketing, technology, construction and design should be at the top of your list of things to do. Owners and operators have to be mindful of the strategies needed to attract future residents when it comes to design, dining and activities.

Technology, Connected Devices And Community Networks 

This new wave of elderly people is going to be very familiar with up-to-date technology. With the need to connect every day, electronic devices will continue advancing. When it comes to infrastructure and implementing community, RAL operators must rethink a few things. The list of products and services that will require high speed internet service will need to cover the whole community as these technological needs continue to increase. This goes beyond mobile phones, tablets and laptops. These internet needs will also include the use of watches, gaming consoles, Amazon Alexa devices, Netflix and other streaming services. Currently, these needs are not widespread in the industry because they are not in high demand for the seniors who are presently occupying RAL homes. 

It is important to start considering ways that this content will be delivered to assisted living communities. There has been talk, trials, pilots and promises of virtual reality for over a decade now. As technology has gotten better, virtual reality has become more convenient and relevant – even in a residential senior living setting. Many virtual reality companies have tailored their solutions directly addressing important components of assisted living.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Technology

  • Resident Isolation
  • Dementia Care
  • Pain Management

Operators must stay ahead of the trends for senior living, including healthcare and technology. With this baby booming wave, certain things will change, and it can result in the rise or fall of your business. 

While considering the current generation occupying RAL homes, who are not as technologically savvy, it is critical to start making modern advancements.

Technology And Data

There isn’t a lot of hard proof showing the value and impact of virtual reality in senior housing. In its early stages, although with limited samples, along with observational records, virtual reality has a promising future in the RAL industry. Operators are hoping that virtual reality can help in areas such as pharmaceutical treatments, medication management, reminiscence therapy, and staff training. Pretty soon virtual reality content and resources will be customized for specific resident needs. This technology has come a long way, yet this is just the beginning.

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Owning and operating a futuristic state-of-the-art RAL home can determine the rise and fall of your business as baby boomers are getting older. This generation has a different set of needs. There is a lot of information and new research needed in order to run and operate a residential assisted living home. Reading our blogs is a great start. Afterward, join our RAL Academy 3-day fast track training, where instructors use an interactive approach to teach students how to gain the most success. Participants learn everything from A to Z about owning and operating a residential assisted living business.Visit to learn more about operating a successful residential assisted living home for technologically savvy seniors.

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