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3-Day Fast Track In Phoenix

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3-Day Fast Track In Phoenix, Arizona

This event provides you with the best and fastest way to learn the business of RAL for yourself and gain the insights needed to immediately take action when you return home. Instructors include current homeowners, senior care professionals, and RALAcademy staff.

The 3-Day Fast Track Training is your fast track to success, bypassing common mistakes and the infamous “Stupid Tax” so many have paid without this instruction.

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The RAL Academy day 1 was fantastic with excellent presenters and information provided. I feel very confident we will be able to use the information immediately in opening our very own RAL facility.

Kevin L.

I am so grateful to have the support of RALA; Scott Lovitt has been an invaluable resource! I appreciate his wealth of knowledge and willingness to share!

Melanie C.

A phenomenal 3 days gaining a wealth of knowledge to launch forward in our RAL business. The attention to teaching knowledge, everything coming from the heart and not just the pocket book sets this academy apart from others.

Brianna F.

We had a wonderful experience. Isabelle, is the real deal; glad to have her as a friend for support. The RALA team have been there when we needed them. Thank you for all your kindness.

Rodney G.

Excellent education with practical examples. The support services available are top-notch. They can really help a newbie get started and going in the business in as short time. Highly responsive and helpful.

Jason M.

The RALA always delivers quality training and experiences! Gene is a great teacher and leader. He is the real deal. He over-delivers and truly cares about the residents and the students.

Janet M.

The level of personalized guidance is unparalleled, providing feedback on our business plan and investment proposals every step of the way. The level of care, encouragement, and support the team has provided is worth the investment.

Jessica E.

In September of 2018 we broke ground on our first state-of-the-art level 6 house with 12 bedroom and 6,600 square feet. Thanks to the RALAcademy team we are on the path to financial freedom!

Donald K.

This has been an absolutely amazing course. The video tour of your homes and explanation of all the tweaking, making things work was a really nice bonus. I am eager to get started and look forward to coming to a live event in the near future.

Tracy B.

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