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Residential Assisted Living Has Never Been More Important Than It Is Now

Residential Assisted Living Has Never Been More Important Than It Is Now

Big-box nursing home facilities are facing serious speculation and complications caring for the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Smaller residential assisted living homes are proving to be much safer. In addition to a more intimate and comfortable experience for residents, these smaller RAL homes have lower caregiver-to-resident ratios and far fewer individuals coming in and out of the facilities. As a result, the health needs of seniors are typically more carefully monitored.  During instances when COVID-19 symptoms are present, it can easily be identified. In turn, care staff can make the proper care arrangements to prevent the spread of the virus to others. Within these smaller, but more comfortable confines, RAL home owners and operators are also able to provide specialized services, such as memory care and creative therapies. These perks and promises make RAL businesses the perfect present-day investment opportunity. 

A Passive Investment Opportunity 

During the current pandemic, even investors are looking for a choice for hands-off investing. Some people get involved with residential assisted living for the opportunity to use their skills and passion to physically help seniors. Others specifically seek to get involved while remaining hands-off – both concepts are needed. The great thing about residential assisted living is the ability to get involved in a much-needed industry without engaging in the day-to-day care of seniors. Who exactly are passive investors when it comes to the residential assisted living business? Passive investors are those who may start the business, build or remodel an existing home to meet assisted living standards and then hire the right people to actually run the business. They do not roll up their sleeves and care for residents. Gene Guarino, founder of the RAL Academy, did just that as he opened multiple homes. Now he trains others step-by-step how to do the same. This is a wonderful opportunity to do good and do well at the same time. It allows you to invest in a business that offers a safe and comfortable alternative to large nursing homes, while managing hands-off. With no uncertainty, we now see that smaller residential assisted living homes save lives. 

Smaller Ral Homes Are A Growing Senior Living Option

Smaller personal care homes are a popular and rapidly growing option across the nation – RAL homes have developed into a leading trend. 

Residential assisted living homes provide shelter, meals, supervision and assistance to seniors in need of help with activities of daily living. It is a two-fold business opportunity that consists of real estate and senior care, making it easy for passive investors to get a piece of the pie. 

RAL homes are residential houses located in typical neighborhoods where seniors are able to remain living within ordinary communities. In many states, RAL homes, by regulation, are prohibited from providing skilled nursing services, such as administering injections, maintaining catheters or performing colostomy care. On the other hand, RAL homes provide assistance with ADLs, such as bathing, dressing, toileting, medication management, cooking and cleaning. This growing concept is appealing to both seniors and entrepreneurs. As a result, it is rapidly changing the industry of assisted living.  

What Is The Big Appeal?

It’s no secret that most elderly individuals do not need skilled nursing services – most of their needs are much less severe. Residential assisted living offers a dignified option that allows seniors to stay in a smaller home, usually licensed for 6-16 people. These homes are comfortable, safer than large nursing facilities, have specialized services, and offer more intimate care in a setting with better staff-to-resident ratios. They offer intermittent help throughout the day and night. In smaller homes, seniors maintain a sense of freedom from facility regulations, which allows them to carry on with their golden years as normally as possible. Everybody wants a lifestyle that feels as normal as possible. Residents can go shopping, welcome friends and family members for visits, take walks, dine out and so much more. 

The traditional neighborhoods afford seniors an opportunity to see kids playing, families interacting and to feel a healthy sense of connection to community. When seniors are no longer able to live independently, RAL homes continue to offer a sense of independence. Many families, if given an educated choice, will choose RAL homes over nursing facilities for many of these reasons. Anxiety and stress is often lower for RAL home residents because they have fewer people with whom they must interact with on a daily basis. 

The Big Businesses Boom For The Next 20 Years

This winning business formula will help you to scale your business and profits. In addition to the step-by-step training process that has been developed over five years by Gene Guarino, you will also gain access to shared knowledge. During Q&A sessions, Gene Guarino answers questions firsthand. Get started during quarantine by using the RAL Academy resources like At-Home Study courses and reading the book, Blueprint. Use the right resources to accelerate your vision.

There are three good reasons why RAL business owners, operators and investors will benefit from senior assisted living:

  1. Smaller homes are safer for the residents because they have less exposure to others than they would have in a “Big Box” Community. It’s safer for the caregivers and staff also. 
  2. Interest rates are low, which makes it easier to buy property and to fund your project. 
  3. The demographic shift that is happening is unstoppable. The Silver Tsunami of Seniors is coming

Visit  and learn how you can get ready for the next big investment opportunity of a lifetime.

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