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Real Estate Investor MBA with Tejas Gosai & Jeremy Moyer


Isabelle Guarino

Capitalizing Residential Assisted Living Amidst Skyrocketing Prices with Isabelle Guarino-Smith Guarino-Smith

The greatest responsibilities will come when it needs you the most. Isabelle Guarino-Smith runs residential assisted living. Her goal is to make a home for seniors and to make them feel that someone is looking and will understand them.

Brace your chairs up and learn how Isabelle tells the importance of seeing the unseen and being great on your real estate investment simultaneously.

💥💥 Remember, this is your MBA. Have a notepad handy, and get ready to take some 📝 notes!

Key Points from This Episode:

Isabelle shares how she started in real estate investment.

What change is for Isabelle’s Dad?

Isabelle talks about the difference between residential assisted living and nursing homes.

Isabelle debunks the misconceptions about assistive living.

Is it required to have a professional license to be an administrator, home, and caregiver?

How to find a ranch home?

Isabelle shares her two preferred ranch homes.

Scott explains the difference between running your active business and making deals on your estates.

If people plan to build and look for land, does it need to be zoned residential?

Does the Medical professional serve 24/7?


“It’s like all this terrible trauma’s happen. Not because the caregivers don’t care because they literally do not have the time and energy to be able to service that many people at once.“ – Isabelle Guarino-Smith

“Caregiver, who’s there who got into this industry because they genuinely.” – Isabelle Guarino-Smith

“You can literally change the caregiver’s lives by providing them a quality opportunity to actually do the job that they want to do.” – Isabelle Guarino-Smith

“The risk over there is so much greater than it is in a smaller home.” – Isabelle Guarino-Smith

“You really have to like lay it out and be super open and honest with her about what you can provide, the issues that her loved one might be facing.” – Isabelle Guarino-Smith

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