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RALA Success Stories: Mandi

Some opportunities are simply irresistible. Perhaps this is why Mandi became one of the first students to go through the 3-day fast track course at Residential Assisted Living Academy. Mandi moved across the country with her family, from California to Rhode Island. Upon arrival, she wanted to reinvest the money from the sale of their California home. While listening to the Real Estate Guys, she heard Gene Guarino describing the advantages of owning and operating a residential assisted living business. The investment opportunity sounded like a great idea that motivated Mandi to get started. 

Armed With The Right Resources

So, she came to the 3-day fast-track event in Phoenix and got inspired to go back to Rhode Island to pursue her RAL business. “This is something that we can make money doing,” Mandi said. “But also it’s something for the greater good of other people’s families.” Like so many of our students, Mandi’s father-in-law lived in an assisted living facility. So she had seen firsthand what the environment was like. As a result, she was magnetically drawn to the concept of providing a safe and comfortable home for seniors with quality care. 

Four Things Mandi Liked About Her Father-in-Law’s Care Home:

  1. It wasn’t a large facility, 
  2. The families were always welcome, and 
  3. The caregivers knew the family members by name.
  4. The comfort of trustworthy caregivers 

These were just some of the many benefits of residential assisted living as opposed to large nursing home alternatives. “The information provided at the 3-day fast track training was really helpful, straightforward and easy to understand,” Mandi said. “The opportunity was really easy to see and comprehend how to apply the content.” She added, “The (virtual) tour of Gene’s homes was also a great experience.” 

She returned to Rhode Island and made an appointment to meet with the health department director of the assisted living. Upon explaining her plan for a RAL home, the director responded, “Well, you can’t do that here.” Mandi replied, “Why not?”

These two simple words can often change the trajectory of any plans – “why not.” Mandi exercised what we often tell RAL students to do when faced with obstacles – simply ask, “why not?” Building a RAL business is not unlike starting any other entrepreneurial endeavor. You will face obstacles. Your success depends on how you deal with every challenge that rises against you. Mandi overcame every difficulty she faced repeatedly. 

How Challenges Turn Into Success 

She completed the goal and launched her RAL home with eight bedrooms, although she is licensed for 10 and ready for expansion. All of the rooms are different sizes, some with their own bathrooms, and others with shared facilities. The monthly rate for each room is different, with an average of $4,750. After all expenses, Mandi’s net profit per month averages around $10,000 – that’s $10,000 per month for one single home. She says she accomplished her RAL home goal by simply asking questions. “Ask questions and don’t be afraid to continue to ask questions until you get the answers that you want to hear,” Mandi said.

According to the financial advisor Robert Kiyosaki, a rich person says, “How can I do something, while a poor person says this is why I can’t do something.” After all the hard work, Mandi’s assisted living business became the first residential assisted living home in Rhode Island.

How To Overcome Challenges When Starting Your Ral Home?

Accelerate your vision by reading our blogs that describes why the fast track training is helping RAL business owners succeed. 

Click: How To Start a Residential Assisted Living Home 

They found the training at the Residential Assisted Living Academy, along with assistance from the support staff to be invaluable.  As a result of the 3-day fast track training at they were able to save big in 3 areas:

  1. Save time, 
  2. Save money, and 
  3. Save effort with their project.

The business plan and the financial suite were incredibly helpful tools. We know exactly what’s coming and when it will arrive. We truly are at the “Right Place At The Right Time”. Visit  and learn how you can get ready for the next big investment opportunity of a lifetime.

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