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RALA Success Stories: Jeff

It’s not uncommon for people to turn to single-family rentals when considering real estate investing, but some people are looking to launch into something big…an investment that produces and one that will last. When corporate aerospace engineer, Jeff, decided he wanted a career change, his decision was easy. He wanted to transition out of his 9-to-5 job, but needed an opportunity that would match or exceed his current income. He considered investing in rental properties, but after running the numbers, it was clear that he would need to invest in about 60 units to match his aerospace salary. That’s a lot of work.

Like so many investing in real estate and rentals, Jeff was desperately searching for an alternative solution to earn higher dividends. He joined his local Real Estate Investors Association to explore more investment opportunities. This is when he heard about residential assisted living. For Jeff it was more than simply making money.  He also wanted to make a difference. Does owning a residential assisted living business allow individuals to make money while also making a difference?

Doing Good And Doing Well

His father and his mother-in-law are both in their 80’s, and he quickly recognized how residential assisted living would give him the opportunity to provide a safe and comfortable place for them to live when they eventually need assistance. Sure, making an income was important, but this was his real motivating factor – his big why. “We could prepare for this AND have a retirement plan,” said Jeff. His 401(K) wouldn’t dictate his future any longer. Before starting his RAL business, Jeff’s exposure to assisted living was minimal. Even worse, his outlook on assisted living was not very positive at all. 

He’d previously had a disheartening conversation with an acquaintance who was running an assisted living facility. Unfortunately, this particular facility was cutting corners to make profits. As a result, Jeff had a really negative perspective about assisted living.

There are many facilities that are run poorly and take advantage of seniors. It’s no secret that there are many assisted living facilities that are run by greedy and unkind business owners, but this is not the model used by the RAL Academy. In fact, the RAL Academy blueprint is changing the way assisted living is perceived nationwide. The Academy is providing guidance and help investors and entrepreneurs do it the right way. The goal is to take care of seniors and to give them the best possible environment to age and thrive. The RAL Academy motto is “Do good and do well.”

Getting The Right Training To Train Others

Jeff attended the three day training program in Phoenix that is full of vital information and resources needed to successfully open and operate an assisted living home. “A lot of this is like drinking from a fire hose,” he said. “But thankfully there is repetition built-in.” The content is given context to help novice entrepreneurs understand the process and what needs to be done in order to take each step along the way. The 3-Day Fast Track course helps lay a lot of the foundation.

For Jeff and his wife, it’s not just about replacing his income and setting up a stable retirement plan, it’s about giving back to the people who helped him get there. Jeff has plans over the next few years to open up to 5-6 residential assisted living homes. He wants to train his caregivers to become managers and his managers to eventually become owners of their own RAL homes. His goal is to duplicate his success and to make a huge contribution to the health and wellbeing of his community’s seniors.

Launch Into Your Future Today

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  • Find and equip the right team to make your life easier and your business more successful
  • And much, much more

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