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RAL Is Making a Real Impact in The Care Industry (RALA)

RAL Is Making a Real Impact in The Care Industry

Home Sweet Home is the headline of a recent Senior Housing Forum article written by Susan Saldibar. 

The article highlighted how big-box assisted living facilities can learn from Gene Guarino’s model of residential assisted living. 

He is the mastermind behind a 3-fold assisted living network. 

Guarino’s residential assisted living network is comprised of RAL Academy, RAL National Association and RAL National Convention.


RAL Academy is an organization built on the foundation of doing good and doing well. 

The nationwide organization is comprised of a team of experts who have a profound understanding of the RAL industry. 

The RALAcademy creates unique and innovative solutions with high-quality support services. 

The academy is a ground floor investment opportunity that offers a step-by-step 3-day course eight times annually. 

RAL National Association advocates for RAL business owners and operators. 

RALNA is a member-based network that offers a multiplex platform of resources:

  • Lobbying and legal support focused on the Fair Housing Act and Zoning;
  • Continuing education for direct care staff;
  • National marketing for your RAL home;
  • Group purchasing power with access to over 200 companies;
  • A regular newsletter addressing important issues facing RAL homes;
  • Building support within the community;
  • Access to business opportunities, investors, and qualified operators and administrators.

The national association bridges the RAL industry into a community with support systems that help assisted living business owners achieve investment and legacy goals.

RAL National Convention Assembled an annual lineup of world-renowned speakers to maintain momentum for the RAL industry across the country. 

The event is fully occupied every year with more than 600 professionals,20 educational sessions, 30 vendors, private lenders, portfolio managers, and finance experts.

This premiere Phoenix-based national convention is designed to prepare, unite, and empower RAL leaders for the future of the industry.

The event attracts a network of people that provide current information, financial investments, and nationwide RAL connections. 

The residential assisted living industry is rapidly growing against the tide of big-box facilities. 


Senior Housing Forum writer Saldibar described the utopian experience of aging as seniors and then moving into intimate neighborhood-based assisted living model homes.

Residential assisted living homes are located in the heart of traditional neighborhoods. According to Saldibar, big-box facilities can learn more than readers expect from Guarino’s model.

This model has grown in popularity. 

“With over 30,000 RAL homes across the country now, their appeal can not be ignored,” Guarino says. 

His do good, and do well concept is based on the idea of providing an alternative solution to the rising senior housing shortage while utilizing best business practices. 

The article describes RAL homes as a boutique-style option for senior living.

Gene also believes that larger facilities should create a similar atmosphere of intimacy.

Some Key Elements of the RALA Model:

  • Fewer and more familiar caregiver faces;
  • Providing an actual home-like environment by creating smaller clusters;
  • Relocating seniors into a community-based residential neighborhood, and 
  • Providing closer proximity and access to community services, stores, and parks.

Guarino’s model is the hottest news in assisted living because the concept continues to gain more momentum nationwide momentum.  

The Residential Assisted Living National Association is open to everyone who wants to learn more.

Saldibar’s article described Guarino’s assisted living business model as the way of the future. She placed a strong emphasis on the 3-fold industry platform as a reliable resource empowering individuals to stay knowledgeable.


The Residential Assisted Living National Convention has scheduled keynote speakers that include Dr. Bill Thomas, founder of Eden Alternatives and The Green House Project, and Harry S. Dent Jr., best selling author, economist, and expert on demographic trends and predicting future effects. 

They will also feature funding resource panel discussions, dementia care, zoning issues, Fair Housing act and so much more.

The RAL National Convention has scheduled over 20 educational presentations and is expecting over 600 attendees from around the country. 

Attendance is open to anyone in the senior housing industry or those who are interested in learning more about industry opportunities. 

Owners, operators, and investors are all welcome to attend.

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