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The Real Estate Syndication Show

Gene went on the Real Estate Syndication Show to talk about how real estate investors can be successful by investing in senior housing. He also discusses how to find a good business operator and how to find the right property that would be suitable for residential assisted living.

AIO Financial Podcast

Emmanuel has been involved in residential assisted living for many years, and he was on the AIO Financial Investing Podcast to share how to operate your own residential assisted living home.

Coffee with Closers Podcast

On the Coffee With Closers Podcast, Gene shares his experience from his many years in residential assisted living, and he now trains others how to take advantage of this mega-trend opportunity.

#ShutUpAndDoIt Podcast

On the #ShutUpAndDoIt Podcast, Gene shares how to turn single family homes into assisted living investments that generate significant residual income. He also talks about his journey to residential assisted living and gives a few tips on how to be successful.

REI Success Academy

Gene spoke about his take on residential assisted living on the REI Success Academy Podcast. He explains how if you get the right education, residential assisted living can be a great investment for you.

Investing in the US

the Investing in the US Podcast, Gene discusses everything A-Z about how to get started with investing in senior housing. Gene is an expert in residential assisted living, so listening to what he has to say is a great first step in your residential assisted living journey.

Big Mike Fund Podcast

Gene had the opportunity to be part of the Big Mike Fund Podcast to share how he converts residential homes into assisted living. He also shares the in’s and out’s of this market, success rates, break-even points, and some of the nuances that come with this business.

High Speed Alliance

Gene joined the High Speed Alliance Podcast to share his experience with residential assisted living. He explains how he got started and the best ways to be successful.

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