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RAL Is This a Market Disruptor or a Market Extender?

Is This a Market Disruptor or a Market Extender?

The Senior Housing Forum writer Susan Saldibar wrote a recent article about Gene Guarino and the Residential Assisted Living Academy.

The article titled, “Is This a Market Disruptor? Or a Market Extender?” highlights 3 key points about Guarino’s assisted living model:

  • A Real Estate Play, A Senior Housing Opportunity, and a Revenue Stream to Leave a Legacy
  • Is RAL Academy an Industry Disruptor? Or a Market Extender? Or Both?
  • As a Boomer Who’ Has Owned Properties, I Could See Doing This. Could You?

Guarino has more than 35 years of business experience. He is the founder of the Assisted Living Network.

The family-owned business is based in Phoenix, Arizona. The AL Network is comprised of 4 individual business entities:

  1. Residential Assisted Living Academy (RALAcademy) (Live 3-Day Training and Online Education)
  2. Residential Assisted Living National Association (RALNA)
  3. Residential Assisted Living National Convention (RALNATCON)
  4. Family Legacy Homes (FLH)

Guarino is a best-selling author and a certified financial planner who has trained over 300,000 people worldwide. 

He educates students on everything they need to know about the assisted living market. 

He continues mentoring thousands of successful RAL homeowners and operators nationally. Guarino’s living legacy is aimed at increasing quality services in the assisted living industry.

Saldibar says, Guarino’s method is enough to make her say, “Wow, that’s a really interesting concept.”

1. A Real Estate Play, A Senior Housing Opportunity, and a Revenue Stream to Leave a Legacy

According to Saldibar, years of hands-on experience equips Guarino with an extensive amount of resources to effectively train RAL Academy students. 

“On top of that, the AL Network houses countless videos, articles, and other information about the residential assisted living model,” Saldibar said. “In a nutshell, RAL Academy trains people how to invest in properties.”

Residential assisted living (RAL) is a unique business combination of real estate and senior care. 

The concept provides room, board, and care in an intimate family-style setting. 

The RAL Academy model offers better staff-to-resident ratios than larger big box facilities.

With hands-on personal care, community-based RAL homes are able to build healthy relationships between caregivers and residents.

Most RAL homes provide family-style meals, supervision, medication management, social activities and assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Many offer specialized memory care for residents with dementia.

Guarino’s model is changing the face of assisted living nationwide. 

2. Is RAL Academy an Industry Disruptor? Or a Market Extender? Or Both?

Saldibar sectioned off a portion of her article to pose the question about RAL Academy as an industry disruptor, market extender, or both. 

Although she circled around her own question inconclusively, there is no doubt that the RAL industry is growing at a rapid rate nationwide. 

There will always be larger and smaller assisted living developments. 

The middle market is the perfect place for business owners and operators interested in extending the market.

With seniors thinking outside the big box facilities, Guarino’s concept is quickly transforming into an industry disruptor. 

Middle-income seniors will nearly double to about 14.4 million by 2029.

With over half the baby boomers lacking financial resources to afford big box private pay facilities, the need for smaller RAL homes across the country is undeniable.

Guarino is gearing up his business network and promoting now as prime time season to engage and educate new RAL businesses because they will be in high demand.

3. As a Boomer Who Has Owned Properties, I Could See Doing This. Could You?

“They’re clearly doing something right,” Saldibar said. “They’ve taken an idea that has been around for decades and engineered it into a viable investment opportunity – and the timing is right.”

Their motto is “Do good and do well.” 

The relevant and rewarding process of starting a RAL business model empowers owners and operators to care for seniors while benefiting financially in the process.

“I guarantee that everyone will get involved in senior housing at some point in their lives,” said Gene Guarino. Whether it’s owning the real estate, business, or both, or having a family member lying in a bed writing a check to someone that does.”

Thousands of new RAL business owners nationwide are already recognizing an enormous influx of seniors.

As a result, students are signing up to join Guarino in leaving a “do good and do well” legacy.

Anybody can do this. 

Visit for additional information straight from the source. 

The Academy is training individuals step-by-step from A-Z how to start a new RAL business. 

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, get started by signing up today and stepping into the next 3-day live course with Gene Guarino. 

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