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Doing Good and Doing Well After 50

Recently I was reading an AARP Bulletin article titled “Great Second Careers, GOOD NEWS: You CAN Find Success, Security, and Happiness After 50 With a New Job,” (Jan-Feb 2018 AARP Bulletin) it reminded me of how great Residential Assisted Living Homes have been and can be as a second career.

The article stated that 40 percent of people working at age 62 had changed careers since they turned 55. Many of our RALA students are over the age of 50 and looking for that second career to transition into or as additional income. Often, they are tired of trading their time for dollars and looking for something that will provide them with real income, but without having to work 40+ hours a week.

Many times they were laid-off and found difficulty getting hired in their same field. Like the rest of us, some were thrown back so hard in 2008 they need to make up for the financial hit fast so they don’t have to work for the rest of their lives just to keep a roof over their head and food on the table in retirement. As Linda Chidester was quoted in Living On section “I am in my late 50s and work three jobs to make ends meet. It is not for lack of trying or lack of education… organizations want younger workers …. I have money put away for retirement, which will not be available until I am in my late 70s”.

The beauty of Residential Assisted Living homes is that it doesn’t matter how old you are to be successful in the business. In addition, with RAL Academy you don’t need to spend years going back to school to try to be hirable again. You can easily forge your path to a new lucrative career that is purposeful and helpful while creating a legacy to benefit you and your loved ones.

I know I might be preaching to the choir, but what a great business and investment at any age! Many businesses and investments are economic driven. RAL’s are EVENT driven. What that means is that we are riding the Silver Tsunami wave of the Baby Boomer population that is driving the need for care. It won’t matter what the economy is doing, the need will still be there for quality elderly care. Now is a great time to establish your new career in owning Residential Assisted Living homes because you are just in front of the wave. Creating your own lifeboat from career or economic downturns is one of the smartest things you can do and RAL Academy has helped people get the education they need to be successful in their goal of creating a new career. We love to see the success of our students as they go on to create wealth and security in their lives and making a difference in the lives of seniors.

We are committed to helping make a difference in the Senior Assisted Living space. If you know of someone who might be looking for the right kind of business to start or transition into – share your thoughts on RAL and send them to where they can find out more.

We’d love to help them on their path to creating a new career while Doing Good and Doing Well.

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