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How Did They Do It? Real Estate Podcast with Seyla and Aileen


Isabelle Guarino

Lucrative Investment Opportunities From Assisted Living Homes and Senior Housing

Today, we’ll let you dive deeper into the increasing popularity of an investment strategy that gives value to the community, the assisted living residential homes. We have Isabelle Guarino-Smith joining us in this meaningful talk for us to better understand how to start with this business and how it works for investors, operators, and owners. Be sure to listen in, as this episode is another way to earn the life you deserve in real estate. 

Key Takeaways to Listen for

  • Residential assisted living / senior housing: What it is and ways to fund and build it
  • Who are the people involved in assisted living and their role in operations and management
  • The value of investing in assisted living in giving back to the community and seniors
  • How to effectively evaluate markets suitable for assisted living investment and facilities
  • The importance of investing in your education

Resources Mentioned in this Episode

About Isabelle Guarino-Smith

Isabelle Guarino – Smith is a graduate of Arizona State University, former flight attendant, intern at Walt Disney World, and current head of the Residential Assisted Living Academy is Isabelle Guarino-Smith.

She has been the company’s COO for the past six years, managing to keep everyone on task and in check. She has been profiled in numerous publications and articles about senior housing, most recently being named one of the “Top Influencers in Senior Housing.”

Isabelle was one of two people under the age of 30 to be named to Aging Media’s list of “The Future Leaders of Assisted Living” in 2020.

Listen to How Did They Do It Podcast with Seyla and Aileen

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