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What makes investing in Residential Assisted Living so special? Why are people flocking to this industry as a means to create generational wealth?

While markets fluctuate at the slightest of domestic and international news, one market is constant. The sheer population of baby boomers make investing in residential assisted living one of the few viable options for savvy investors.

Here are 4 reasons why investing in residential assisted living is optimal in the senior living market:

  • Seniors, in particular the baby boomers, refuse to accept traditional senior living as their only option.
  • Seniors who need support, but not yet care for Activities of Daily Living
  • Comfort families experience when placing their beloved senior in a residential assisted living home versus a skilled nursing facility
  • The demand for a home away from home.

How do you get involved? How can you successfully own and operate your own residential assisted living home? It starts with attending the Residential Assisted Living National Convention 2020.

Like all things 2020, this year’s convention will be virtual – leading experts have provided input and insight to make this convention a transformational experience from the comfort of your own home or office.


The Silver Tsunami is real. Just a quick glimpse at the numbers reveal an astonishing number of seniors who will need assisted living and senior housing.

  • More than 10 thousand baby boomers turn 65 years of age daily.
  • About 4 thousand seniors turn age 85 daily.

The Residential Assisted Living National Convention will address nearly every topic associated with servicing this massive population of seniors. This population is unlike any other America has ever seen.


The Residential Assisted Living National Convention 2020 will benefit new entrepreneurs, as well as existing investors. Here are just a few perks you will experience:

  • Strong network of like-minded professionals.
  • Experiential learning from industry experts.
  • Gain insight from entrepreneurs across the nation, who have built their residential assisted living businesses with the RAL Academy model.
  • Build connections with industry leaders, experts, and support service companies.
  • Connect with others that will help your business meet the needs of your residents.

The Residential Assisted Living National Convention 2020 is the place to be. This is why you should register today. It is the annual rally point that allows interested entities, entrepreneurs and industry experts to assemble as part of the senior housing solution.

Top 12 Hot Topics

  1. Marketing Strategies for Occupancy Alleviation
  2. Funding For Your Business
  3. Leveraging Senior Relocation Agencies
  4. Municipality Maneuvering
  5. Human Resources Management Strategies
  6. The Role of the “Hands Off” or Silent Investor
  7. Asset Protection Strategies
  8. Tax Mitigation
  9. Resident Medication Management
  10. Emergency Preparedness and Management
  11. Insurance(s) for RAL homes
  12. Value-added strategies

This 3-day annual event is set to launch, packed with excitement, social networking with digital happy hours, and a laundry list of exciting, interactive and informative topics. Come with the expectation to receive cutting edge industry specific information making investing not a gamble, but a knowledgeable investment.

Get into this groundbreaking industry now.


Difficult times can only be navigated by clear vision. The benefits of clear vision are numerous. Here are three prevailing reasons:

  1. Unifying: A clear vision provides a gathering point for common interests that makes everyone feel connected to the greater whole. Clear vision defines a deeper meaning for the work, while unifying workers as team players focused on the vision of caring for our nation’s seniors with excellence.
  2. Inspiring: A clear vision is powerfully inspiring. It imbues a motivational effect on everyone within the group. Clear vision creates the kind of energy, enthusiasm and commitment that fosters change. It produces persistence during difficulties that remind you of why you started in this incredible industry.
  3. Focal Point: Focus provides a greater sense of direction for goal setting and business planning. Having a focal point guides your decision making along the way.


Here’s how to deliver your amazing vision to your staff:

  1. Be Positive: Vision based on fear can limit your results.
  2. Be Specific: A vision should be short, detailed and directional.
  3. Be Ambitious: Dream big. A good vision sets standards that force your business to stretch.

Have no fear. Be bold and courageous. The staff will follow and emulate your strength, which will bring a great deal of comfort to your residents.


The industry is growing because the population is growing. Baby boomers are mandating their aging process be like their coming of age process: bold and fearless. They do not want to be admitted to a nursing home and they are yet vibrant. They want to age on their own terms.

Therefore, the opportunity for entrepreneurs, lenders, investors, equipment suppliers and support service providers grows daily. The Residential Assisted Living National Convention has been enhanced to allow participants more access to more people of renown in this industry. This makes for a far more personable experience, but also an invaluable learning experience, especially for entrepreneurs that are new to the industry.

Time is running out, and this is why we are urging you to register today for this annual event.

Don’t let 2020 end the way it started.


The Residential Assisted Living National Convention 2020 is a virtual experience of the year for entrepreneurs, investors, vendors and homeowners. That’s right, you can enjoy and participate in the convention from the comforts of home, if you like.

Here are some virtual advantages and unique features of this event:

  • More speakers, more professional tips, more excitement, and more opportunities for attendees to easily connect and network.
  • Virtual attendees will gain access to every single keynote presentation and educational breakout sessions.
  • A complete directory of every speaker, sponsor and exhibitor highlighted on a 3-day schedule with information and training materials.

This is one virtual event that is strategically designed to build successful industry owners, operators and investors. Do not hesitate to join the entrepreneurs, investors, owners, vendors, marketing experts and so many others who will fuel the industry with the resources needed for success.

Residential assisted living is the biggest investment opportunity in real estate, and this is the best time ever to grow your business.

Click here the Residential Assisted Living National Convention 2020 to register today.

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