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Eldertopia... This Opportunity Is Transformational

Eldertopia… This Opportunity Is Transformational

The Silver Tsunami of seniors is hitting the shores of America, and residential assisted living is a transformational opportunity in a number of ways.

  • Transformational Income: It literally changes the way you live as a passive or active investor.
  • Transformational Model: Senior care is raising the standards in the assisted living market to the benefit of seniors, their families and RAL operators.
  • Transformational RAL Homes: How we are changing the view of aging seniors from, “I don’t want to leave my home and enter assisted living” to “this community is amazing and has opportunities that will improve my life.”


The rumble is here.  The tremors can be felt across the entire nation.  Baby Boomers are entering their silver stage, and they do so in the same style they have lived from childhood.  

While the next generation of aging Americans create a boom with whatever they do, a more gentler amenable term was coined by Dr. Bill H. Thomas, an accomplished author and geriatrician, “Eldertopia”.

Dr. Bill H. Thomas will be speaking at the Residential Assisted Living National Convention in Phoenix, October 3RD – 5TH.

You can get more information about the convention here.

Gene Guarino is the president of The Residential Assisted Living Academy, who hosts the annual conference.  

The necessity is clear.  

Residential assisted living homes are preparing to serve the incoming generation of seniors. The conference will certainly focus attention on those who want to or already own, operate, or invest in residential assisted living.

However, it will also feature phenomenal speakers, such as Dr. Thomas, who will help owners, operators and investors better understand the innate needs of the aging Baby Boomers. 

This is essential for all those who are currently involved or plan to engage in the wonderful business of residential assisted living.

Dr. Thomas authored an article where he delved into the idea of “Eldertopia.”  


Eldertopia is a community that improves the quality of life for people of all ages by strengthening and improving the means by which: 

1.     the community protects, sustains, and nurtures its elders, and 

2.     the elders contribute to the well-being and foresight of the community.”

This idea is the kind of aging process Baby Boomers accept.  They will not ride quietly into the sunset on a beautiful horse.  

They would prefer to drive a Harley Davidson into a garage and host a party.  They are not quiet, like the veteran generation.  

They are rowdy, game changers, participants, and course charters.  They put their destiny in their own hands.  If they are to be housed in a residential assisted living home, they will want to have a say in how things operate. 

Dr. Thomas makes several strong claims in his article.  

Here is a summary of a few pertinent ones.  This will assist owners, operators and investors to comprehend the revolutionary needs of the coming Boomers. 


  • 78 million people constitute the Baby Boomer generation.  They will change senior living as they have everywhere else in American life.
  • What is considered to be the “silver years,” will be radically changed by Baby Boomers.  This change will affect the way in which coming generations embrace the aging process.
  • The idea of respecting your elders will not be considered a kind gesture.  The new elders want to be a part of the community, not statues on a porch waiting for visitors.
  • The values of intergenerational interdependence must be understood. Baby Boomers will be a significant part of their family and community.
  • The culture of America will once again change because Baby Boomers will create another “boom,” with the way in which they engage their communities.

This short list of summarized ideas from Dr. Thomas’ article may seem rather revolutionary.  They are!  

Be sure Baby Boomers will change senior living much the same way they did American life. 

The RAL Academy, RAL National Association and the RAL National Convention are making the necessary strides to prepare this industry to welcome these amazing seniors.

The conference will also feature Harry S. Dent, Jr., author of New York Times bestseller, The Demographic Cliff. Dent focuses his attention on the generational consumer spending patterns.  

He lends a good deal of focus to the financial market relative to this coming change. 


  • A significant reduction in consumer spending as Baby Boomers retire, and 
  • An impending economic downturn, which could have significant consequences on financial markets 

Therefore, this conference is about much more than just owning a residential assisted living home.  

While much of the focus is on the needs of owners, operators and investors, it couples these business needs with meeting the social needs of the coming generation.  

There is a “boom” coming, and entrepreneurs in the residential assisted living business are poised to be key players in absorbing and caring for the Boomers.

Get involved with the RAL National Convention, coming in October.


Baby Boomers know they are entering their silver years and understand the need for assistance is coming, but they do not accept the idea of entering a nursing home.  

However, many recognize their inability to remain at home, often alone.  It simply is not safe or healthy. 

Therefore, Residential Assisted Living is the best option for the millions of baby boomers in need of care in a way they can accept it.

The need is clear.  The demographic is obvious. The opportunity is before us.   

What to do about Eldertopia?  

Get involved in residential assisted living.  The coming conference is a great way to start the journey.  

Click here to get started,

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