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Get started free with our free intro course!

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It's not about the home, it is all about the care.

Deirdre Vervo was opposed to the entire assisted living concept as a business because of what she had seen. Today she owns two homes. What changed her mind? 

Deirdre Vervo, RALAcademy Student


I loved the concept so much that when I finished my weekend with RALAcademy I flew home and just started opening.

We have tons of assisted living where I opened… yet we didn’t have Residential Assisted Living homes. The need was high and the competition was zero.

Today I have a vision of opening a village of Residential Assisted Living homes.

I want to see this grow. I have a vision of opening a little village with five or six homes and a big beautiful place in the middle where entertainers can come and we can gather for parties!

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