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Considering Investing in Assisted Living? A Great Place to Start

Many of today’s baby boomers are facing the reality that their parents faced. A massive wave of seniors is coming, and their influence in every demographic shift is undeniable. These seniors are in need of assistance. Many people made plans as this particular generation holds to the mantra of “take the bull by horns.” However, sometimes the bull bucks the rider and these riders need care. As a result, many seniors find themselves in need of assistance with activities of daily living because of a variety of situations.

  • Knee replacement, which requires physical therapy.
  • Hip replacement, which can affect overall health and constitution.
  • Multiple falls, making it impossible for seniors to safely live at home alone.
  • Loneliness, leading to health deterioration after a spouse has passed.

Regardless of the reason, baby boomers do not like, nor do they want to live in nursing homes – they prefer a specialized environment. They want residential assisted living that is more like their own home, rather than a big box facility. This is why residential assisted living is the best alternative for millions of seniors. Did you know that 10,000 seniors turn age 65 every day and 4,000 turn age 85?

As these boomers continue to get older and live longer, the need for senior housing and assisted living continues to grow. The opportunity this provides for entrepreneurs, lenders, investors, equipment suppliers and support service providers is growing by the day and you do not want to be left behind. Let’s be clear – baby boomers will need assistance. They will only accept assistance on their own terms. They have dictated that the big box facility just won’t do.  So, what’s the alternative? 

Learn From The Best In The Industry

Owners, operators and investors get involved in the residential assisted living industry because:

  • They want to help families safely and reliably take care of their loved ones.
  • They want to provide great employment opportunities for healthcare workers.
  • They want to create an investment vehicle for themselves and their families.
  • They want to engage in meaningful real estate development.

The list goes on and on, but what is important is that the need is high, and there is a place for businesses to thrive in the residential assisted living industry. The American population is growing, specifically amongst the senior demographic. The needs of seniors, especially these seniors – the baby boomers – will mandate a shift in the way seniors are cared for in the golden years. Therefore, do not miss the chance to get involved in this thriving, growing, and booming industry.

The Residential Assisted Living 2020 National Convention will be another spectacular learning experience. The topics are broad and deeper, the presenters are captivating, and the participants are just out of sight. That’s you, by the way. So, join us this year as we cover a plethora of topics designed to make you as informed as possible.

Ral Nat Con 2020 Topics

  • Pro Marketing Tactics to Quickly Fill Your Home
  • How to Fund Your RAL Home
  • Learn the Ins and Outs of Placement Agencies and How to Use Them Properly
  • Keep Thorough Records of Medication Usage
  • Discover Solutions to Legal and Zoning Issues
  • Learn Best Practices for Finding, Training, and Retaining the Right Staff
  • How to be a “Hands-Off” Investor
  • How to Use Asset Protection Strategy
  • How to SAVE BIG on Taxes through Accelerated Depreciation
  • How to Best Prepare for an Emergency
  • Insure Your Home Properly
  • Add Value to Your RAL Home Through Consistency and Stability Tactics

The Residential Assisted Living National Convention is unlike anything you’ve experienced in the assisted living industry. Every year, business owners, managers, caregivers, industry leaders, vendors, and anyone exploring the RAL industry gather to learn new strategies, share best practices, and get important updates. Guests are also encouraged to network with these like-minded entrepreneurs in the industry. Join the 2020 convention by registering now. 

The Silver Tsunami Of Opportunity Is Here

With 77 million baby boomers in the country, this mega-trend cannot be stopped. The US Census estimates that 70% of aging seniors will need help with their activities of daily living. Where will these Americans find a happy and safe place to live their golden years?  It should be in your new residential assisted living home.  How can you make this happen? Register for the Residential Assisted Living 2020 National Convention

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