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Changing Public Perception of Residential Assisted Living

Changing Public Perception of Residential Assisted Living

With more than 10,000 baby boomers turning age 65 every day, and 4000 turning age 85, residential Assisted living homes are on the rise nationwide. 

However, some residential assisted living owners and operators have difficulties keeping their beds occupied with seniors. Small pockets throughout the country have a limited public perception of what assisted living lifestyles are all about. This is why it is important for new business owners and operators to gain the education and resources needed to re-market assisted living to impact public perception. 

Good residential assisted living marketing strategies take into consideration the notion of public perception in order to generate expected results. 


  • Although countless baby boomers could benefit from residential assisted living homes, a large percentage refuse to consider the option because they do not know enough about it.
  • Many seniors who do consider the assisted living option, reject the choice without any explanation.
  • Preconceived notions about living like old people, especially among baby boomers, who view themselves 10 years younger than they actually are, cause seniors to avoid RAL homes.
  • Most seniors are glad assisted living exists, but hope they will never have to use it. 

The nationwide residential assisted living industry must do a better job getting to know their prospects. 

Owners and operators must create a brand that also embraces seniors who not interested in RAL homes. 

Assisted living prospects consist of a broad range of seniors. 

These prospects do not all have the same medical needs, annual income, or perspective about aging. 

RAL homeowners, operators, caregivers, and marketers produce the best results when they engage seniors as individuals, not old people in need of care. 

Who are your RAL home prospects?


  1. They want choices.
  2. Most seniors want to feel engaged and connected.
  3. People with assisted living needs still want to learn and grow.
  4. This demographic despises terms like retirement home community and seniors. 
  5. They don’t want to be surrounded by peers that make them feel old.

In addition to knowing what new prospects want, there are a few need-to-know components that every RAL homeowner should redline in order to avoid turning residents away. 

Paint Accurate Pictures…

For starters, your marketing materials should tell an accurate story about your assisted living home. 

Do not make potential residents and their families think you are trying to fool them. 

The impression you leave on your prospects will spread by word of mouth and have a positive or negative effect on RAL homes across the country, not just your home.

Know Your Community…

Senior living providers also need to know their community, politicians, business operators, and restaurants. 

Your knowledge of the community will help you to engage potential residents and help keep current residents connected. 

Do Your Research…

Understanding what seniors want and avoiding the things they do not is a critical part of providing quality assisted living care.

This is the RAL Academy provides up-to-date information about best practices, senior services and engaging content about activities of daily living.

Use Technology to Your Advantage…

Sometimes, technology can determine whether you win or lose. Technology has the potential of attracting more efficient staff and providing a better quality of care. 

Various forms of technology also enable family members or payees to make monthly payments while maintaining a consistent flow of communication with your RAL home. 

Also, technology plays a key role in processing accurate data. 

Understanding data and being able to tell your story based on facts, figures and statistics has

huge potential for keeping your residential assisted living home financially healthy.


Over the last 4 years, healthcare has increasingly risen to the single largest driver of job growth in American.

Unquestionably, healthcare will soon be the largest industry in the country.

What does this mean for your residential assisted living business?

In order to stand out as the most viable assisted living candidate, the RAL industry has to know what seniors want.

The silver tsunami of seniors that will continue to affect the RAL industry over the next two decades is baby boomers. 

7 Characteristics to Consider When Branding for Boomers 

  1. They have more money to spend than their predecessor generation.
  2. Baby boomers do not like to be reminded that they are getting older.
  3. Relationships are very important to them.
  4. Keeping your word carries a lot of weight in their circles. 
  5. They are usually bi-partisans seeing both sides of any given subject.
  6. They care about the economy and morality.
  7. Baby boomers tend to possess brand loyalty.


We need to remarket senior housing to reflect the incoming baby boomer generation and their preferences. 

Assisted living isn’t a safety net for seniors who don’t have other options – it’s a lifestyle.

The RAL Academy teaches new business owners how to create a model of residential assisted living homes that provide quality, luxury, and care.This model empowers seniors to thrive and enjoy the twilight years of their life. The RAL Academy is the nation’s leading resource for assisted living. 

If you own or operate a residential assisted living home or plan to start a business soon, contact to learn some of the savviest strategies to occupy every available bed. 

Learn how to change public perception about RAL homes by learning everything from A-Z about owning an assisted living business.  

Do you know enough to change public perception about assisted living, or is your residential assisted living business barely surviving?

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