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Boost your Productivity by Prioritizing Yourself

Starting a residential assisted living business takes the right training, focus, determination, and a good plan.

There are so many variables in building your RAL business.

Unless you have the focus and support and are guided by professionals who have been there and done it before, you can easily waste valuable time and resources.

These are critical things to consider when getting your dream business off the ground.

This business is all about helping others, specifically seniors, even if you choose to run a hands-off RAL business. 

To get to the place where you are helping these people, you need to prioritize the elements in your life so that you can be successful. This is where setting priorities and focusing on productivity come into play. Learn how to prioritize yourself and your business dreams. 


Many people can manage outside entities, but managing internal factors is most important and more difficult for most. 

It’s common for people to be reactors – responding to every incident and distraction that occurs in life. 

As a result, it’s difficult to get people’s undivided attention. Unfortunately, this kind of behavior is disastrous and frustrating to say the least. 

For these people, unfinished projects build up and cause emotional wreckage and loss of control. 

Setting priorities is an effective way of preventing problems from building up and causing you to crash down.

Inboxes and processes are known to be effective systematic ways to regain control and maintain it. 

However, even after creating processes, you’ll have to crack down and figure out the next steps needed to be successful in your daily practices. 

Time management is the next essential step after setting your priorities. How do you determine which tasks deserve the most immediate attention?


Traditionally, people aim to sacrifice and dedicate more time with loved ones than projects and tasks that individuals aim to accomplish. 

We are taught that this is how we become better people. 

However, as we develop professionally and pattern our behaviors of successful entrepreneurs, making yourself the priority is key. 

Priorities are typically set based on three different personality types. 

1.     The Procrastinator: One who puts off unpleasant tasks.
2.     The Thriver: One who is driven by accomplishments and small victories. 
3.     The Analyzer: One who needs to objectively examine any task prior to getting started. 

Each personality can be an asset to a team, but it’s important to know what role your personality plays in boosting your productivity.

Since personality plays the most essential role in determining priorities, be mindful of what happens during your workday. 

During your moments of focus, what are some of the things that cause you to deviate from your goals?

  • Requests from others
  • Demands from outside
  • Distractions on your time

Even if you start each day with a “Things-To-Do” list, if by the time you come to the end of your day you haven’t accomplished your goals it’s because you have failed to make yourself a priority.

There is a distinct difference between being selfish vs. being self-centered. 

Selfishness is a negative quality but being self-centered can enable you to manage the internal organisms that lead to success. 

Don’t give more of yourself to others than you are willing and able to give toward your goals. 

Whenever individuals do not make themselves a priority, goals become secondary.


The following six reasons reveal why everyone should embrace the importance of self-prioritization: 

1.  You Create a Frequency to Focus on Your Goals: 
You need energy, mental clarity, and consistency to achieve hard work. To create this path of accomplishment, you need the mental strength to prevent setbacks.
2.  Focused Energy Leads to More Production:
A scattered mind leads to half-accomplished goals. Self-prioritization allows you to create a plan that’s focused on specific actions.
3.  Builds Clarity on What Boundaries You Should Set:
As you start to build up yourself and accomplish more, others will notice. This will bring demand for your energy and your focus. If you give in to these requests, you won’t have the necessary bandwidth needed to work on your goals consistently.
4.  Sustainable Excitement for What You’re Working On:
Letting outside circumstances dictate your goals leads to a lack of excitement. Prioritizing yourself allows you to set challenging goals, but the outcome is exciting. A lack of motivation will drain your productivity.
5.  It’s Mentally and Emotionally Freeing to Let Go of Outside Expectations
By prioritizing yourself, you’ll come to understand that you are responsible for your life, and that involves your mental well-being. Prioritizing yourself helps you see that you have to let go of the expectations of others. Other people’s expectations of your life should not be part of your plan. 
6.  Optimizing Yourself Builds Every Area of Your Life
The path to higher income, better relationships, more travel, and all the other things you want to accomplish happen through self-optimization and a productive lifestyle. Self-optimization only happens with a “you-first” attitude. 


It’s time to start learning how to take better care of yourself. The demands and energy of others can derail you if you let it. 

When you learn self-prioritization, you’ll be able to set the kind of boundaries needed to achieve your dreams. 

It’s time to take a dedicated season to put yourself first – debunk the programming.

The perfect time is now to start getting the training you need to make an impact, make lots of money, and make a difference in the lives of others for decades to come. 

Registering for the 3-day course at will teach you everything you need to know about owning and operating an assisted living business. 

Start your journey toward financial independence now.

Learn how to build a legacy of success while space remains available during the next course. 

Visit the Residential Assisted Living Academy website to take advantage of the biggest opportunity in real estate and investing for the next 20 years.

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