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BiggerPockets Podcast with David Greene and Rob Abasolo


Isabelle Guarino

Isabelle Guarino has been traveling across the nation informing both novice and experienced investors and entrepreneurs about the lucrative opportunities found in Residential Assisted Living. Recently, she was featured on the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast where she sat down with David Greene and Rob Abasolo to discuss the hottest investment strategy that not enough people are talking about.

If you already know all about the investment potential found in Residential Assisted Living, or if this is your first time hearing about it, this podcast episode is definitely one that you’ll want to make time for.

During this episode, the guys from BiggerPockets ask a range of questions related to senior living, and learn how this once-in-a-generation investment opportunity is creating substantial cash flow for entrepreneurs.

Isabelle helps simplify the process for investors who decide to go down this path, and she expounds on a wide array of related topics including:

  • How to transition from a residential real estate investor to an assisted living specialist.
  • The different types of senior housing facilities, and the only one worth investing in.
  • The massive demographic changes on the horizon, i.e. the impending “Silver Tsunami”, that’s on the way, and how to capitalize on it before it’s too late.
  • Financing options for assisted living investments and how to raise capital.
  • Renovation tips, common costs, and how much you can expect to make on your first RAL facility.
  • And much more!

Many of you will be familiar with BiggerPockets and the reach they have in the real estate investment sector. But in case you are unfamiliar…

Who are BiggerPockets?

They are an organization that creates educational resources for aspiring and experienced real estate investors. They offer content, tools, and a community of over 2 million members to help people avoid mistakes; learn valuable tips; find partners, deals, and financing and make the best investing decisions possible.

They work hard to bring together real estate experts, novice investors, and everyone in between to gain the knowledge needed to reach their full potential.

They have been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Investopedia, and CNBC and they offer straightforward, actionable advice and inspiring success stories through weekly expert-led webinars, real estate and money blogs, podcast shows, and a myriad of books on investing.

Why Residential Assisted Living?

People are drawn to the residential assisted living investment opportunity for so many different reasons. Some are interested in the lucrative cash flow potential; some want to get out of the 9-to-5 rat race; some want to create a legacy of doing good and helping their communities; and some are drawn to the opportunity because of this market’s overwhelming and unique resilience.

Isabelle affirms, “Nothing is recession-proof, but this is probably as recession-resistant as you could get. Because when money gets tight, you know what you pull back on is those high end items, that European vacation, that Disney trip with the kids. You stop going to Airbnb’s. You stop buying nice items, but you’re not going to stop paying for your loved one’s care. You just don’t do that. That’s why this is probably as recession resistant as you can get.”

Regardless of their reason, entrepreneurs are starting to flock to this investment opportunity in droves. And in doing so they are changing lives, the lives of their families, and the families of the residents who they provide care for. This isn’t just a real estate investment play; this is an investment that has the potential to transform lives.

Isabelle describes the impending “Silver Tsunami” and that capitalizing on this niche market now could mean even greater profits in the future. But, it isn’t all about the money for Isabelle and her team. She’s seen how much better care seniors can get in smaller facilities and that this type of investment doesn’t just pay itself back in profits, but in knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

If you would like to listen to this incredibly informative discussion, below are the links to the full episode:

Click here to watch the full episode on YouTube.

Click here for the audio podcast on Amazon.

or Click here to listen on Apple Podcasts.

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