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Why Residential Assisted Living is the Best Choice for Seniors

There are seven proven reasons why residential assisted living is the clear choice for senior safety and happiness.

Highlights of retirement are relief of schedules, time with children, paid off mortgages and the like. It is supposed to be a time where all of the travel one desired to undertake becomes a blissful reality.

However, life seldom goes according to plan. Far too often, seniors in America find themselves unable to exist safely by themselves. For many, health deteriorates leaving them vulnerable to a plethora of situations. When vulnerability is realized, adult children begin having difficult conversations with their aging parents.

Residential assisted living helps these families overcome the nightmarish realities frequently associated with big box senior living and nursing homes.

As a result, investing in a Residential Assisted Living home is optimal. The Silver Tsunami of Seniors will continue saturating the country for the next 20 years or so. Residential Assisted Living benefits baby boomers the most, because they are able to experience life as they want it.

Let’s consider seven benefits of Residential Assisted Living that afford seniors with the opportunity to age with grace and dignity.


  1. Senior Social Interaction

There is an upward spiral of depression amongst seniors who experience feelings of loneliness. If this is not alleviated, high blood pressure and premature mortality occurs. Seniors can feel trapped in their own homes. Prevent loneliness by engaging seniors in safe programming that suits their needs with opportunities in Residential Assisted Living homes.

To learn more, visit the Residential Assisted Living Academy for informative details.

  1. Intellectual Stimulation

Living among other vibrant seniors is intellectually stimulating. Even during the pandemic, many RAL homes are offering a variety of ways for residents to engage in positive interchange. Hallway book clubs, online trivia games, TedTalks and Zoom chats are being utilized in many Residential Assisted Living homes. By maintaining intellectual stimulation, cognitive decline is less of an issue. This is yet another reason why the RAL home is preferred by many investors seeking to do good and do well.

  1. Senior Safety

Falls are the leading cause of fatal injury and the most common cause of nonfatal trauma-related hospital admissions among older adults. As a result, one of the leading reasons a senior is placed in a facility is due to a fall. Falls result in more than 2.8 million injuries, over 800,000 hospitalizations, and more than 27,000 deaths annually. Even still, so many big box facilities are unable to adequately monitor seniors to prevent falls. In this respect, smaller is better, and caregivers are able to help prevent falls in residential assisted living homes.

Residential Assisted Living homes offer personalized attentive care, which causes the number of falls to decrease drastically in comparison to big box facilities. Falls are a leading indicator of how well a facility is operating – RAL homes have very low fall incidents. As the population continues to age at a rapid rate, this indicator will increasingly become a focal point.

This is why this is the best time to invest in the RAL industry. Safety is the absolute most important aspect of assisted living.

  1. Fitness and Physical Activities for Seniors

The body is made to move. This is no surprise; yet, so often movement is unexpected of seniors. This could not be more damaging. Seniors who are physically active live longer healthier lives. In Residential Assisted Living homes, exercise is not just a scheduled activity, but a way of life. Investment in a RAL home is not just a great monetary opportunity. It is also an active investment in the heart and soul of America.

Listen to other investors share their thoughts on investing in a RAL home.

  1. Chef-Prepared, Nutritious Meals

Who wouldn’t want a “Top Chef” to prepare personal meals for them daily? In residential assisted living homes, a chef prepares meals, even for those who have dietary restrictions. Personalized meals prepared by professionals enhances the nutrition of the residents as they are filled with anticipation at each meal. In addition, seniors who try to cook for themselves often struggle. It’s rather difficult to cook for one person and then sit and eat alone.

This service really separates the Residential Assisted Living from the big box facilities, which make meals cafeteria-style to accommodate such large populations of people.

  1. Maintenance-Free Lifestyle

Maintaining a home is stressful for younger adults, and that responsibility is even more cumbersome on the elderly. It’s not only an emotional strain, but an unbearable physical strain. It also becomes more expensive as some services must be contracted to professionals.

The Residential Assisted Living home gives the resident a place to call “home,” without the stress of maintenance. They have a porch, backyard, garden, grill, bedroom, kitchen and all the other additives without the burden of caring for them. It is the best of both worlds. Investing in a RAL home helps those most in need of such care. The Baby Boomer demographic will demand this type of lifestyle. They want the home without maintenance.

Learn more today about investing in a RAL home.

  1. The Need for Help with Activities of Daily living

Many seniors need help, and some need more than others. Did you know nearly 80% of help with activities of daily living (ADLs) is delivered by unpaid family members? Many of these family members are maintaining households themselves and working jobs on a daily basis. The chronic care of a loved one, especially Mom or Dad, is not a task many family members depart with easily but after time they recognize they cannot maintain the demands of each much longer. It is at this juncture that conversations are had about living outside the home. While unwelcome at first, the reality begins to settle with seniors that they need help.

What better place to go than to a place similar to your own home? The Residential Assisted Living home is the best option to receive the chronic care necessary in a home-like atmosphere. Investing in a RAL home is investing in the dignity and honor of seniors. They want to reside in this atmosphere and their families want them to reside there also. What’s missing? That answer is simple, the demand is present, but the industry needs more investors to create additional residential assisted living homes in the United States. Learn how to invest in this growing industry.

Contact the experts at Residential Assisted Living Academy and get started today.


Investing in a Residential Assisted Living home, or for the seasoned investor, building a portfolio of RAL homes is one of the most secure profitable options on the market today. Demographically, the numbers favor the investor who chooses the RAL industry, because the health of the aging Baby Boomer is better than generations before them.

Additionally, the preferences of this generation demands facilities similar to the homes they have purchased and aged in gracefully. After careful examination, it is clear that residential assisted living homes are ideal for those Baby Boomers entering retirement but need support.

Boomers raised active competitive children who are deeply engaged in career building, family life, and obtaining financial security. The hours spent working and caring for family do not leave many hours for an aging parent – sad but true. Also, many are not skilled in taking care of aging parents in need of support with activities of daily living. Who can help them? You can help them.

Learn more about investing in a RAL today. The need is increasing day by day – Invest today.

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