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This Is Why We Do What We Do

This Is Why We Do What We Do

Residential assisted living is rapidly evolving into one of the safest senior home environments providing quality care for the elderly. While the industry continues to travel the distance rebuilding a reputable foundation, RAL homes have redefined public opinion. People are placing their loved ones in residential assisted living facilities because they trust the cozy home environments in traditional neighborhoods with lower resident-to-staff ratios. Until recent years, people expressed concerns about assisted living through the lens of nursing homes.

Client Concerns About Big Box Assisted Living 

  • Capitalizing on people’s misfortune,
  • Not caring about the needs of seniors,
  • Elderly neglect and abuse, and
  • Business above helping people.

Many of these points raise valid concerns because there are assisted living facilities that fit this description. The blueprint of residential assisted living academy offers a better way that puts quality care first. Founder and CEO, Gene Guarino, teaches students how to run a successful business while providing excellent senior care simultaneously. Testimonials at shows how his assisted living model is equipping entrepreneurs to do just that. 

What Is Your Big Why?

Knowing your Big Why will empower you to go much further. Success and happiness starts when you keep your Big Why in the forefront of your business endeavor. Self-made millionaires attribute their success to their Big Why. It’s not about having the right Big Why; it’s about having “A Big Why”.  So getting ready for your success starts with identifying what you are looking for in a residential assisted living business. Have you examined the five most important questions that will help you to understand why you are interested in residential assisted living?

Five Components to Identifying What You’re Looking for: 

  1. Are you looking for something that’s going to take less time to make more money? 
  2. Are you hoping to eliminate your weekly work hours? 
  3. Do you want to remove your income limitations? 
  4. Do you seek the freedom to live where you want to live, even if your business is in a different location? 
  5. Are you looking for the opportunity to help other people? 

Write down your Big Why and keep it somewhere as a constant reminder as to why you do what you do. Oftentimes, your Big Why can be personal, as it should be, but on a professional level, why do you do what you do? Consider this concept by rereading articles and books, watching bookmarked YouTube videos and listening to podcasts on leadership, passion, purpose and entrepreneurship. This reflection can be the fuel to launch you to higher levels as you continue in your business endeavors.

The most successful people in the assisted living industry aim to change the way people view aging in America. This is why the Residential Assisted Living Academy has a motto of “Do Good and Do Well.” When difficulties arise, and they will, you will need a plan.

The Starting Point  

This current generation of millennials is more concerned than ever about purpose and impact. Particularly with today’s socially conscious workforce, we can grow the leaders of tomorrow. This is how the Residential Assisted Living Academy is changing America’s view of aging. With the rapid rise of the Silver Tsunami, the assisted living industry could use more leaders. 

Why We Do What We Do:

  • We care about people.
  • Like you, we have heard and seen bad examples of seniors not being treated with the care, dignity and respect that they deserve and it breaks our hearts.
  • We recognize the importance of seniors and how vital it is to provide a comfortable, safe environment for them to thrive in their twilight years.
  • We see the love and appreciation that the families of seniors have when their loved one is truly being taken care of.

If you are thinking about your purpose and want to see what opportunities residential assisted living has for you, get ready to take your next step. Visit to learn everything you need to know to make a difference in senior living. Find your why, and become a part of the solution in this amazing industry.

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