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The Wealthy Way Podcast with Ryan Pineda


Isabelle Guarino

Residential Assisted Living is the Number 1 Real Estate Investment Today!

Isabelle Guarino, a seasoned expert in the field of residential assisted living, joins Ryan in a captivating podcast.

Her role involves overseeing homes designed for the elderly, which remarkably yield approximately $10,000 in monthly income. What ignited her journey was a personal experience involving her grandmother’s health, which prompted her to dive into this venture alongside her family.

Isabelle’s family not only runs a portfolio of diverse businesses but also imparts knowledge about this very strategy to others. The spectrum of options within this field includes purchasing existing properties, constructing purpose-built homes, transforming residences to meet assisted living needs, or opting for leased spaces. The geographical choice holds significance, with the ideal locations aligning with higher median incomes.

Navigating through the intricate web of regulations is crucial. These guidelines necessitate specific features, such as elevators, ramps, and the presence of licensed administrators. Monthly operational expenses hover around $30,000, a figure that demands efficient systems and strategic marketing practices.

In their discussion, Isabelle and Ryan delve into the urgent requirement for housing solutions catering to disabled adults and foster children who are transitioning out of the system. Meeting this growing demand calls for unwavering determination and a structured approach. As the imminent “silver tsunami” approaches, the demand for senior living arrangements is anticipated to soar.

The conversation concludes with Isabelle offering tailored advice to Ryan about establishing assisted living homes in Las Vegas.

Isabelle Guarino’s journey and insights not only shed light on the intricacies of residential assisted living but also serve as a testament to the diverse opportunities within this evolving sector.

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