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Isabelle Guarino

Residential Assisted Living Assets: From Homes to $15K Monthly Cash Flow Streams

Isabelle Guarino is a business owner and runs Residential Assisted Living Academy, joins Terry Knight to discuss how Isabelle trains and teaches entrepreneurs and investors at the Residential Assisted Living Academy. She has extensive experience in building brands, launching this company and many more into national recognition while running the day-to-day operations. She is responsible for the creation and success of RAL National Convention, RAL National Association, Recovery Housing Academy, Pitch Masters Academy and most of the Impact Housing Group’s companies. With a background in Business Marketing and Communications, from interning at Walt Disney World, to working at two Fortune 500 companies, she is a true leader in business development and operations.

Residential Assisted Living Academy TM is America’s premier training organization in this unique and specialized niche’ of opportunity. Launched in 2012 by entrepreneur / real estate investor Gene Guarino, Residential Assisted Living Academy TM has trained hundreds of investors, business owners and entrepreneurs in this new and exciting field of opportunity. With 77 million Baby Boomers preparing to retire over the next several decades, residential assisted living is a comfortable “home-style” alternative to institutional living such as a nursing home. This “silver tsunami” mega-trend makes for a huge financial opportunity for those prepared to position themselves for success. In 2021, when Gene Guarino passed away his daughter and heir Isabelle Guarino stepped up to take the company to the next level. She is carrying on Gene’s legacy and leaving a mark on this senior housing industry by helping students open one RAL at a time.

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