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Isabelle Guarino

From Hustler To CEO: Making The Great Transition From Integrator To Visionary With Isabelle Guarino

That transition from entrepreneur to CEO is where most seven-figure businesses get stuck. When you’ve been boots on the ground for too long, you start to believe that nobody is better than you in doing the things you ought to let go of. But when you really make a great hire, you might be surprised at what they’re capable of. We discuss this key inflection point from integrator to visionary with Isabelle Guarino, CEO of a company called Residential Assisted Living Academy and host of Young Boss Podcast.

What the podcast will teach you:

  • How strategic hiring helps with the transition from integrator to visionary.
  • Using the Predictive Index to make great hires.
  • Hiring for a good culture fit.
  • Getting your team set up culturally.
  • Why the hustler has to die for the CEO to live.

Listen to The Elite Entrepreneurs Podcast here

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