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The Cashflow Project Podcast


Isabelle Guarino

Impact and Income through Residential Assisted Living

Welcome to The Cashflow Project! Join Steve as he explores the world of residential assisted living with the incredible Isabelle Guarino-Smith. Discover Isabelle’s inspiring journey and how her family revolutionized senior care by transforming single-family homes into warm havens for seniors. Learn how they built a successful business and became influential trainers in the industry. Isabelle unveils the untapped potential in senior housing, fueled by the upcoming “silver tsunami” of the baby boomer generation. Find out how to seize the massive opportunities and be part of this booming market.

Isabelle reveals golden opportunities in the booming senior housing market. Learn the secret to success: being an early player and scaling up to attract buyers and investors. Discover the power of packaging and selling multiple facilities for long-term financial prosperity. Experience the emotional fulfillment of improving seniors’ lives and the positive ripple effect on families, caregivers, and the community. Invest in high-end areas for a seamless blend of upscale living. Join Isabelle on this captivating journey to positively impact one million lives in 10 years. Unleash the secrets of success and leave a lasting legacy!

Chapter Markers

0:02 – Introducing Isabelle
1:08 – Unveiling the Journey: Isabelle’s Path to Residential Assisted Living
2:54 – Navigating the ‘Silver Tsunami’: Baby Boomers’ Impact on the Senior Housing Market
6:36 – Seizing the Golden Opportunity: First to Market in Senior Housing Industry with Isabelle
10:09 – The importance of having multiple exit strategies.
11:34 – The Landscape of Assisted Living: Mom and Pop-Style, Scalability, Creativity, and Emotion
16:39 – Expanding Horizons: Assisted Living Beyond Location and Cost Arbitrage
18:33 – Diverse Paths to Enter Assisted Living: Converting Homes, Overcoming Pushback, Buying Existing Businesses, and Building Custom Facilities
22:11 – Impacting Seniors and the Community: Strategy, Million Dollar Timeline, and Book Recommendations
24:38 – Book Recommendation: The 5 AM Club

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