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Isabelle Guarino

Will the “Silver Tsunami” Flood You with Cash Flow?

Assisted living investing isn’t your typical type of rental property investing. When someone thinks “I want to get rich in real estate,” they’re often not considering setting up a home for seniors, those in medical decline, or medical patients. Investors almost prematurely dismiss any idea of RAL homes (residential assisted living) if they have no medical background and no personal need to do it themselves. This can become a costly mistake, especially when the evidence adds up on why assisted living could be the most recession-proof real estate investment out there.

Isabelle Guarino is one of the investors that decided to go down this path. Without any medical experience of her own, she led her family business to become a successful assisted living brand throughout the state of Arizona. When her grandmother needed care many states away, Isabelle’s father realized that building not only a better facility, but a more profitable portfolio, was a smart move to make. And this risk has paid off significantly, as Isabelle now takes home a five-figure monthly cash flow from each of these properties.

She knows that the “silver tsunami” is coming in quickly and that capitalizing on this niche now could mean even great profits in the future. But, this isn’t all about the money for Isabelle and her team. She’s seen how much better care seniors can get in smaller facilities and that this type of investment doesn’t just pay itself back in profits, but in knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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