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Stacking Deeds with Joe Saul-Sehy and Crystal Hammond


Isabelle Guarino

4 Ways to Build a $10,000/Month Cash Cow: The Residential Assisted Living Investment Guide with Isabelle Guarino

Want to grow your real estate empire faster OR are you excited to start? This episode dives deep into the world of assisted living facilities, exploring the potential for financial success while making a positive impact on the lives of seniors. Our guest, Isabelle Guarino, shares her inspiring journey of building a thriving assisted living business, generating a lucrative monthly income of $10,000 per facility.

In our headlines, we talk about the top things people wish they knew BEFORE pivoting into Real Estate. Plus, we’ll answer a call to Ruth’s Rotary phone from Amy on how to police your contractor without torking ’em off. And of course, all things come together in the world AFTER I pop in later with my property pop quiz. Enjoy!

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