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Residential Assisted Living Isn't About Getting Rich Off Old People

Residential Assisted Living Isn’t About Getting Rich Off Old People

Recent events have shown us that quality care in senior living is more important than ever. Although residential assisted living is an incredible business opportunity, the motivation for most is not solely to get rich. Over the next two decades, it is imperative that our senior care infrastructure for the aging population transitions. This transition includes more seniors opting for smaller residential assisted living homes. As a result, RAL homes are in high demand. As a future RAL business owner or operator, it is important to approach this assisted living business model with specific perspectives. 

Four Facts To Face Before Focusing On Finances

  • RAL is about caring
  • Advantages of RAL over big-box or nursing homes are many
  • Seniors love residential assisted living
  • Quality care is an opportunity to create a stable financial future

Benefits Of Smaller Residential Assisted Living Homes

RAL homes are the best options for seniors who do not want to live in large big-box facilities. Smaller homes also offer a more comfortable home environment. These homes are also able to offer a much higher level of quality care with a better staff-to-resident ratio. 

As a result, staff in residential care homes assist with medication management and all other activities of daily living. The staff personally know the seniors, who are more than just numbers.

The Advantages of Residential Assisted Living:

  • Optional private rooms or roommates are available in RAL homes.
  • RAL homes have lower staff-to-resident ratios than nursing homes or large assisted living facilities, which enables caregivers to offer more individualized care and service.
  • Fixed cost per month for care found in most RAL homes is preferable to the added unexpected costs for every additional service offered, such as the case with many big-box nursing homes.
  • Seniors love the family-oriented lifestyle of residential assisted living. It feels like home.
  • RAL homes require limited mobility to move around the home, unlike larger facilities that require lots of walking.
  • Each RAL home is different and offers unique experiences.

Even with all the advantages of smaller assisted living homes, transitioning into a seniors care community can be difficult. Most seniors desire to stay in their own homes and maintain a sense of freedom and independence. Did you know that after many seniors move into assisted living, they prefer it over living alone at home? There are many reasons why. 

Some important reasons why seniors and their loved ones prefer RAL homes over big-box nursing homes include the following: 

1.     Better safety and security 

2.     Delicious and nutritious meals, that can often be personalized

3.     Less worry 

4.     Opportunities to try new things

5.    New friendships with close friends as opposed to large numbers of seniors constantly coming and going

Five Perks Of Seniors Living Over Staying At Home

1.     Better Safety And Security

Changing health challenges can cause staying at home to become unsafe. Unfortunately, many home modifications are expensive, and they do not offer the necessary safety measures for accidents and falls. Unlike most traditional homes, assisted living facilities are designed and built with the safety of seniors in mind. Seniors living in RAL homes benefit from secure entrances and exits to accessible bathrooms and medical alert systems. Assisted living residents have help readily available if they need it.

2.     Delicious And Nutritious Meals

Residential assisted living homes offer delicious, nutritious meals daily.  Good nutrition is a known issue for aging seniors living at home. Even worse, most people do not enjoy eating alone. Dining in most RAL homes is a vibrant social experience, oftentimes with chef-prepared meals that cater to specific healthy and dietary needs. 

3.     Less Worry

When seniors own and operate their own homes, chores, landscaping, maintenance, and repairs are not easy, especially for aging seniors living alone. Residential assisted living gives seniors an opportunity to escape from the stress of daily household responsibilities. RAL homes offer an easier, more relaxing lifestyle. Most assisted living communities provide housekeeping, laundry, and even transportation services to make day-to-day life easier for residents.

4.     Opportunities To Try New Things

Learning new things is a lifelong journey, and staying engaged is an important part of that process. Residential assisted living offers art and craft classes, fitness clubs, games, social activities, and even off-site trips to local events and performances. Seniors no longer have to get bored with life when living in the right senior community. 

5.     Close Friendships

Most importantly, residential assisted living gives older adults a chance to form meaningful friendships. When seniors live alone, they run the risk of becoming disconnected and suffering from mental conditions that spiral from social isolation. Seniors who are surrounded by loving peers in a warm residential assisted living setting experience better outcomes, including genuine happiness. 

How To Do Good And Do Well At The Same Time

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