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Premier Event: AZ REIA Expo in Phoenix, AZ

The AZ REIA Expo is coming to Phoenix, AZ from April 24th -26th and bringing together experts to help real estate investors take advantage of a great opportunity.

America is experiencing one of the longest steadily climbing real estate cycles in history. Now, participants can capitalize on the market by attending this upcoming event.

It’s called the Real Estate Investing: Making it Work for You | 2020 Conference & Expo.

This industry is at a critical point to bring our community together and assist real estate small business owners to navigate both their business and market trends. 

Did you know that AZ REIA is returning to Phoenix with three tracks of learning in 2020?

Three Tracks Of Learning

  1. Core Skills Track: For those new or just beginning their journey into real estate investing, AZ REIA has identified the “Core Skills” every real estate & rental property investor needs, which include: comping & estimating properties & repairs, leveraging marketing for lead generation, and the art of negotiations.
  2. Time & Money Saving Track: Running a small business, regardless of the industry, your two most precious resources are money…AND TIME! We are gathering local industry experts to discuss industry trends that affect the way business is done that will give you more of the resources you want back in your real estate business.
  3. Alternative Investing Track: As discussed in the “Blue Ocean Strategy,” opportunity exists where others aren’t looking or working. AZ REIA explores alternative investment strategies that have begun to emerge with the population and demographic changes happening in the Phoenix/Arizona landscape. This track is sure to help any investor diversity their portfolio and create their own “blue ocean.”

Earning A Million Dollars Starting From Scratch 

Don’t miss this great bonus session Sunday morning. Learning how to set a 5-year goal to earn $1,000,000.

In this diverse panel, four very successful real estate investors will share:

  • How they are making money in the market
  • How they got started investing in real estate 
  • And making $1,000,000 in under 5 years.

The Home Depot Pavilion

AZ REIA is partnering with the Home Depot to create an experiential learning opportunity that focuses on the critical areas of the home. 

This is how doers get more done. 

Be sure to check out the latest rehabbing trends for the kitchen, bathroom, and all the other important value adds of your next real estate project.

RAL Academy Keeps You Connected

Learning more about “RAL Academy’s Top 10 Events of 2020” by clicking here.

Owning and operating a successful RAL home starts with understanding two important key elements of the business and the real estate. 

This Silver Tsunami generation of baby boomers has a huge set of specific needs. 

There is a lot of information and new research needed in order to build and operate a residential assisted living home. 

In addition to attending conferences like the AZ REIA Expo, join an upcoming 3-day fast track training at RAL Academy.

Visit to learn more specific details about owning and operating a successful residential assisted living business. Participants learn everything from A to Z about the residential assisted living industry. Gain the most success possible after attending the accelerated RAL course.

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