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Raising Private Money Legally Podcast with Kim Lisa Taylor


Isabelle Guarino

How to Set Up a Residential Assisted Living Syndicate with Isabelle Guarino

In this podcast, host Kim Lisa Taylor and special guest Isabelle Guarino of RAL (Residential Assisted Living) Academy explore the nuts and bolts of setting up a residential assisted living facility, including using syndication to fund acquisition and retro-fitting of the building, obtaining the appropriate licenses, setting up operations, and more.

The episode at a glance;
-What is Residential Assisted Living
-The difference between an RAL and a nursing home or “big box” facility
-What kind of properties should people be looking for to create an RAL facility
-What kind of licensing or regulatory requirements are required for operators of RAL facilities
-Typical syndication structure for an RAL facility
-How much money is typically needed to acquire and set up an RAL facility acquisition
-How long does the process take from acquisition to full occupancy

Guest Bio
Isabelle Guarino is the COO of Impact Housing Group. She trains and coaches entrepreneurs and investors at the Residential Assisted Living Academy. With a background in Business Marketing and Communications, from interning at Walt Disney World to working at two Fortune 500 companies, she is a true leader in business development and operations. She is responsible for the creation and success of RAL National Convention, RAL National Association, Recovery Housing Academy, Pitch Masters Academy, and most of the Impact Housing Group’s companies.

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