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Isabelle Guarino

Residential Assisted Living is an Amazing Investment in 2023

Join us in this episode as we unravel the remarkable journey of Isabella Guarino, a powerhouse in the world of business and entrepreneurship. A decade ago, she embarked on a collaborative venture with her father, exploring the realms of entrepreneurship alongside her experiences as a flight attendant.From overseeing a company with 50 employees to riding the wave of the future, Isabella shares her unique perspective on wealth, education, and entrepreneurial spirit. Growing up surrounded by real estate discussions, she delves into the influence of her father, a seasoned real estate investor, and the invaluable lessons from the juxtaposition of rich and poor mindsets.Isabella’s story takes an unexpected turn as she makes the bold decision to shift from the hustle of New York to the promising landscape of Phoenix, Arizona. Here, she claims her space in the top 10% of wholesale, breaking stereotypes about the necessity of traditional education and forging her path to success.As a self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl” with two degrees, Isabella shares insights into her journey—from working as an airline attendant for American Airlines to collaborating with family members in various ventures. She advocates for home ownership, educates on residential facilities, and provides a deep dive into the demographic nuances of different areas.Listen in as Isabella sheds light on the importance of property managers, the risks and rewards of real estate, and her experiences with Airbnb. Discover the secrets to balancing a thriving social media presence while managing a cash-flowing business and how habits and organizational methods can change your life. Learn about her future plans, the role of Rala Academy, and where she envisions herself five years from now.

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