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Isabelle Guarino

Do Good and Do Well with RAL with Isabelle Guarino

Isabelle Guarino is a graduate from Arizona State University, a former flight attendant, Walt Disney World intern and now Residential Assisted Living Academy’s leading lady. She has been working as the COO of the company for the last 8 years and has been featured in many magazines and articles on the topic of Senior Housing.

Most recently, she was given the title as one of the “Top Influencers in Senior Housing”. She also won Aging Media’s “the Future Leaders of Assisted Living” award in 2020 being one of only two people under 30 to make the list.

Isabelle’s goal is to carry on her father’s legacy by training investors and entrepreneurs how to “Do Good and Do Well”. She trains and teaches entrepreneurs and investors through the Residential Assisted Living Academy, and is responsible for the creation and success of RAL National Convention, RAL National Association, Recovery Housing Academy, Pitch Masters Academy, and most of the Impact Housing Group’s companies.

Today, we discuss the residential assisted living industry, how you can get involved and do good and do well at the same time, and key nuggets from Isabelle’s insightful new book, “Living Legacy”.

Residential Assisted Living is not only a huge opportunity from a community impact standpoint, Isabelle believes it is the greatest real estate and business in the next 25 years. Listen to find out why.

What We Discuss in This Episode

  • How to do good and do well at the same time
  • The growing opportunity in residential assisted living and senior housing
  • The care ratio and quality differences in residential homes vs large facilities
  • Qualities required to be successful as the owner of a residential assisted living home
  • Investment opportunities, funding requirements, and cashflow timelines
  • How to handle roadblocks when converting a home to a residential assisted living facility
  • Navigating through family business dynamics
  • Protecting relationships when firing family members
  • Why everyone in your company needs a KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  • The importance of staying humble and connected to the mission
  • The privilege of being a living legacy
  • The advantages of being a young woman in business
  • RAI training available to find, fund and fill your new residential assisted living home

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