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It’s Not Just Assisted Living, It Is So Much More

It’s Not Just Assisted Living, It Is So Much More

A meaningful existence allows seniors to live a quality life. The present aging population of baby boomers is not looking to ride off into the sunset and wither away. Our golden population of seniors is looking to continue thriving – much the opposite. They want to be the sun, and they do not intend to set or sit for that matter.  Today’s seniors are moving about, and some even choose to remain gainfully employed. However, there are those who need assistance in their golden years, and residential assisted living homes are the answer for their vision of a meaningful existence.

Today’s seniors look for a place where they can be independent and comfortable; where family traditions can continue without impediment. Each of these qualities are essential to ensuring the quality of life seniors of today envision for themselves. 

Again, riding off into the sunset is not the vision many Baby Boomers have for themselves. This is why residential assisted living homes have the golden opportunity to marry the necessities of life with one’s vision of life. This golden opportunity includes independence, comfort, and traditions.

  • Independence Matters 

There is a definite stigma associated with vacating the home to live in a “facility.” Why? The perceived loss of choice. Today’s senior wants to decide what she/he will have for breakfast, change their mind about lunch, and may be late to dinner if happy hour becomes enjoyable. If this person is relegated to the typical standard of care administered in a regular nursing home, depression, anxiety, and anger will become their state of being. This is not the vision these people have for their golden years. Many come to residential assisted living facilities because of health conditions. Seniors believe that they can have a full, meaningful life, one they can enjoy as well as contribute, and we couldn’t agree more. Extra services may be necessary, such as physical and/or occupational therapy, respiratory support and even home health aide support. However, the ability to make decisions and be a part of an environment where life is more than health care is essential to their ability to thrive.

  • Comfort Is Essential 

The old adage is true: “There’s no place like home.” This is why residential assisted living aims to provide a home-like atmosphere. Unquestionably, “Home is where the heart is.” These two sayings suggest that the comfort of home is not the walls, the alarm system or all of the conveniences or lack thereof. Comfort is the emotional attachment that makes one love where they live. That can be accomplished in residential assisted living. That comfortable recliner, with the television hung just right and an easy to control air conditioning unit are just a few of the things that make home feel like home. It is also the comfort of those who become neighbors, friends, even competitors in the weekly Bridge game that make residential assisted living homes a place where the heart warms.  Large box facilities can rarely accomplish this, but residential assisted living homes specialize in it across the country.  

  • Traditions Inspire 

The following list of 8 festivities are a few of many that fill homes with annual joy and stability: 

  1. New Year’s Day celebrations, 
  2. Easter Egg Hunts, 
  3. Birthday Parties, 
  4. Mother’s Day Dinners, 
  5. Father’s Day Barbeques, 
  6. Fourth of July Pool Parties, 
  7. Thanksgiving Dinner, and 
  8. Christmas Morning Gift Exchanges.

Many seniors shirk at vacating their homes because of the perceived cessation of these traditions. While large facilities are sometimes unable to accommodate such activities, residential assisted living homes can. The golden years can shine in residential assisted living homes and one need not worry about a diminishing life. While everyone must die on an appointed day at an appointed time, this is not fearful nor unexpected.  It’s meeting that appointment having not lived in a meaningful way that is petrifying. Residential assisted living homes exist to ensure seniors can thrive for as long as possible.

The Value Of Residential Assisted Living

When surveyed, many seniors have commented that safety, security and socialization are the most valued attributes they regard in their golden years. Presently, residential assisted living homes are succeeding in meeting this value proposition. Most family members of seniors who are thriving in RAL homes are happy that their loved one is happy. However, is there room for improvement in residential assisted living? When asked what could be done better, family members have a few suggestions. Of those who offered a critique, it centered on the delayed response of local management.  The other critique was facilities being understaffed, which then compromises safety. While these complaints were consistent, an overwhelming 95% of family members comment that the experience is positive. What does this mean? It means residential assisted living homes are outperforming other assisted living options in the industry. It also means these homes are the optimal choice for seniors in need of support – the support they can accept for themselves. 

Lastly, it means RAL homes are and will be the place to live in and thrive well into one’s golden years. Therefore, continue. Continue offering multiple options for seniors who relish independence. Continue providing excellent care in a way that can only be delivered in the home setting. Continuing opening the door to family traditions and the inclusion of others. Remember, “Home is where the heart is,” and the residential assisted living homes is a place where our nation’s seniors can hang their hats and rest their hearts.

A Model That Works

Residential assisted living homes outperform in the senior living industry.  They exceed the expectations of residents, their families and friends. Furthermore, employees prefer to work in these facilities. Entrepreneurs scour the market in search of proven business models that work. Residential assisted living with the RAL Academy model not only sets an entrepreneur/investor up for success, but it provides the framework to support a model of excellence that will ensure seniors prefer what you have to offer. What a good residential assisted living home has to offer is miles better than the average care facility. RAL homes allow owners, operators and investors to do good and do well in the process. The model is convenient for investors and entrepreneurs, and it is exactly what seniors actually want anyway. If you could start a business utilizing a model that far surpassed the competition, wouldn’t that be the business to get into? Visit for more information about how to get started.

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