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Is Your RAL Manager the Right Fit for Your Business?

Is Your RAL Manager the Right Fit for Your Business?

Hiring the perfect person to fulfill a management position in your RAL home requires a strategic skillset.

Most senior living companies hire the wrong people for managerial positions. 

According to an analysis from the Gallup organization, 82 percent of companies fail to choose candidates with the talents needed to ensure success.

This proves true time and time again.

Unfortunately, this statistic is probably not surprising to many RAL owners and operators. 

The State of the American Manager Gallup report provides analytics and advice.

The report evaluated 2.5 million manager-led teams in 195 countries engaging 27 million employees. 

Successful RAL homeowners consider 4 important factors when hiring management:

  1. The Concerns of Placing Managers in The Wrong Position,
  2. The Benefits of Talented Managers, and 
  3. How to Find the Right Talent?
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When a well-researched method for hiring managers is implemented, RAL homeowners save money and eliminate frustrations.

Ultimately, quality management advances the mission of the business. 

When managers are placed in the wrong positions, results are counterproductive. 


It’s a rough reality, but most managers are not actually skilled at managing. 

In most cases, RAL homeowners are the last to recognize the impact these uninspiring leaders have on the staff.

It’s no secret that a skilled staff is usually the first to spot a misplaced manager. 

There are some solutions for finding and keeping great managers and engaging employees.

Gallup says a manager is someone who leads a team toward common objectives.

Unfortunately, far too many business owners invest time and energy trying to squeeze square pegs into round holes.

Gallup estimates that these poorly placed managers cost the U.S. economy as much as $398 billion annually.

Not only are these managers not engaged, in many cases their reverse impact is actively disengaging. 

The research shows that organizations should select managers based on talent. 

These managers have a better chance of producing profitable performers. 

Naturally talented managers know how to engage and develop employees. 

They create enthusiastic and energized teams.

They focus on moving their company forward.

When the right manager is positioned in the right place, RAL homes do right by the residents.

This is the most effective way to do well and do good. 


So, what are the benefits of hiring a good assisted living manager? Good managers are based on talent. 

The Gallup report says, talent is the most powerful predictor of performance.

Seven Gallup Report Talent Indicators 

  1. Companies that hire managers based on talent experience a 48% profitability, a 22% increase in productivity, a 30% increase in employee engagement, a 17% increase in customer engagement and a 19% decrease in turnover.
  2. Highly talented managers are likely to be more engaging than their peers. About 54% of managers with high talent are engaged, compared with 39% of functioning managers and 27% of managers with limited talent.
  3. Managers with high talent are more likely to be brand ambassadors for their business.
  4. Managers with high talent place more emphasis on employees’ strengths than their weaknesses. A strengths-based approach is associated with greater levels of employee engagement, team productivity, and profitability.
  5. Highly talented managers are open, approachable, and engaged.
  6. At least two-thirds of employees strongly agree that talented managers help them set work priorities and goals.
  7.  Talented managers focus on strengths or positive characteristics. 


According to the report, great managers possess a rare combination of five talents.

The Five Talents of Great Managers

  1. Ability to Motivate Employees, 
  2. Power to Overcome Obstacles,
  3. Creativity to Produce a Culture of Accountability,
  4. Openness to Build Trusting and Informed Relationships, 
  5. Integrity to Make Unbiased Decisions for The Good of the Entire Company.

Finding such talent can be difficult in the senior living industry for smaller RAL homes.

When managers have talent but lack one of these specific characteristics, there is still hope. Many talented individuals still require support, coaching, and development, according to Gallup. 

Workforce issues are common among senior living operations. Managers play key roles in staff stability, satisfaction, and educational development.

All of these standpoints are strongly linked to quality care in senior assisted living. 


So, what’s a RAL homeowner to do to ensure staff stability in their centers?

To ensure RAL staff retention, conduct research and utilize resources, and always hire based on talent. 

Gallup’s report asserts that the best-led businesses are rooted in talent. 

Three RALA Pro-Tips To Hire Top Talent

  1. Write employment ads that attract talent. 
  2. Design interview questions to measure talent.
  3. Build developmental programs to grow talent. 

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Participants learn everything, from A to Z, about how to run a RAL business, from understanding terminology, writing a solid business plan, and securing funds. 

The nationwide team of RAL industry experts helps business owners eliminate excuses that prevent individuals from gaining wealth. 

Learn the strategic skillset and support structures needed to launch your RAL business and management staff to the next level.

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