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How EASY Is It To Open An Assisted Living Home?

Real Life Is More Than a Quick Fix

Show-and-tell is an easy way to walk newcomers through the process of motivating bright minds. This is because most people would rather hope for greatness rather than work for it.

Once you see it how things work, and try them for yourself, sometimes you learn it’s not as easy as it looks on video.

Recently, I got a gift. It was a pair of traditional roller skates with two wheels in the front and back, instead of the inline skates that I was somewhat familiar with.

It all started when I watched a video of advanced skaters gliding through the wind with no care in the world.

While zooming around with speed and twirling through the air with smiles on their faces, they made it look really easy. So, I ordered two pair.

I called it a gift because it was a present to myself, and I intended to give the second pair to someone else. That’s the way we do it in our house.

I remember being so happy opening the boxes, putting them on my feet, and then suddenly it happened. I immediately realized, this is not nearly as easy as the people in the video made it look. The music stopped and the lights came on in my head.

When you first try something, it’s never as easy the first time around.

For those of us that own and operate assisted living homes, we find so much irony in the question, “Is it easy?”

The first time I tried it, I ran into roadblocks, obstacles and pitfalls – it was not easy at all.

As I learned new things about it, watched others do it, and continued to repeatedly try, it became easier and easier each time.

Opening an assisted living home is just like learning how to roller skate. Once you get it, you can’t forget it.

Whether it’s roller skates, bicycles, speedboats or skiing, our muscle memory maintains the skillset.

Clicking into Greatness

Recently I went skiing. It had been 16 years since I’d been on the slopes. Putting the skis on my boots was the hardest part, but I did it. I got in the chair lift, went up to the top and prepared to come down. In that moment, it clicked in.

I remember reminiscing about when I first got started, my mind morphed back to grade school. It was as if I was child again, going uphill.

During those days, there were not a lot of friendly people to teach me the HOW TOs of skiing. I had friends that took me to the top; afterward, I was left there to figure out, on my own, how to ski back down the hill.

I remember standing on the sidelines of that slope studying the kills of strangers. I noticed every movement of their bodies that determined the directions of their skis. After observing a while, I tried it, again and again.

After repeatedly trying, instead of falling six times on my way down, eventually I only fell twice. That’s how the learning process works.

The next time, perhaps you fall down twice the entire day. Before you know it, you’re making it look easy to somebody else. That’s the way life is.

So, when somebody asks me, “How easy is it to open an assisted living home?”

The answer is simple.

It’s easier for me every time, because I’ve done it again and again. How easy will it be for you?

That’s a question you have to ask of yourself.

I don’t know your background, what you’ve done, what makes sense to you and what doesn’t, or how passionate your heart is.

“Easy” Isn’t Worth Your Time

Most importantly, I don’t know what you’re willing and committed to make happen in your life. I am absolutely confident that you can pretty much do anything if you are willing and committed.

If you’re not truly willing and committed to do whatever it takes, at some point you’re simply going to give up.

I love listening to victorious testimonials from people that we’ve trained on how to open assisted living homes. I’m a sucker for success stories from people who have faced obstacles, but refused to throw in the towel.

It’s really easy to hit a roadblock and just stop. Quitting is easy.

Failure is when people easily quit.

The higher you set your ambitions and aspirations, the more challenges you are likely to face. True success is never easy.

The second time is easier than the first. The third time is easier than the second, but if you’re truly aiming to maximize your full potential, it will never be easy.

Navigating the Road to Success

Success always requires effort, which makes the idea of it being easy an interesting word.

We’ve talked about the effort required in roller skating and skiing, now let’s talk about assisted living homes. I’ve been privileged to train thousands of people on how to open, own, and operate homes.

There are three common denominators in every discussion that successful home owners say I’ve help with:

  1. Saving time
  2. Saving Effort
  3. Saving Money

I have a simple strategic suggestion about achieving your most risky goal. Find somebody who has done it before that makes it look easy.

This will empower, engage and educate you to navigate all the right turns. Whether it’s driving a speed boat, race car, skiing the slopes, roller skating or whatever, there is always a road to success.

Learning what to do and what not to do will equip your plan of execution.

The Value of a Good Teacher

Even the world’s greatest athletes have coaches, whether you consider the NBA, WNBA, NFL or USA Olympics.

Find someone you can ask questions and someone willing to share their secrets to success. In our case, find someone that will tell you the do’s and don’ts of assisted living.

Personally, I love teaching and coaching professionals that profit from their passion of helping others. That’s one quality I look for in a good student. There’s a few qualities you should look for in a good teacher.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a teacher that will let you experience the field firsthand.

After you’ve mastered the first lesson, a good teacher is prepared to provide you with the next lesson. It’s important to learn assisted living step-by-step, while gaining some virtual experience that will prep and make your journey easier.

Afterward, you’ll be able to share the same strategies with others. Soon, you’ll make it look easy, and people will ask you, “How can I do it?”

Good teachers will always inspire you to pay it forward.

I am truly a believer in education. I’d much rather learn from your experience, than making my own mistakes. I willing to pay for expertise, rather then figure it out on my own.

I’d rather work for success, rather than merely hoping to survive with my finances, time, energy and commitment.

For me, teaching other people how to make it look easy is one of the most rewarding things of all.

How easy is it to open an assisted living home? Well, it depends.

If you’re listening to a teacher who’s done it before, that will make it much easier than trying to figure it out on your own.

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