How EASY Is It To Open An Assisted Living Home?

Gene Guarino: Hey, this gene from the assisted living network, how easy is it to start in assisted living home? You know, we get that question asked of us all the time. Those of us that own and operate these homes. And when people say easy, that’s a really interesting question because I just got a gift. The gift was some roller skates. Those roller skates with two wheels on the back when instead of one wheel rear fall over and one on the way back to help you break and so on. And I watched a video of somebody on those skates and man, they made it look easy. And as I watched them zooming around and jumping on, but down big smile on their face, I said, I want that. So I ordered a pair and I even ordered a second pair. So when I had those sent to me, I say gift to give to myself.

Gene Guarino: That’s the way we do it at our house. Sometimes I got those sent to me. I had two pair and I remember opening them up and I was happy and I opened it up and we put them on our feet and immediately I realized this is not nearly as easy as they made it look. Now they can tell me that it’s easy, but when they show me that it’s easy. Well that was very, very helpful. They showed me and I could see so on back then I watched that video and I said, well, what are they doing and how does it work? Now once you to think back to something where the first time you tried it, it was not easy at all, but then when you learn some things about it, you watch somebody else do it. It became easier and easier and easier to the time.

Gene Guarino: It was like just riding a bike where you can’t forget it. It’s kind of muscle memory, whether it be rollerskates or riding a bike or driving a car. Really that’s what it is. Recently I went skiing and in that ski trip I was calculating that it was 16 years. The last time I went skiing, it was 16 years ago and yet what? I put the skis on the boots for the hardest part, but the skis on and got in the chair lift, went up to the top and started to come down. It all just kind of clicked in. And I remember thinking back to when I first got started, I was in grade school going up a hill and a back then there was not a lot of friendly people that teach me how, I had friends who kind of took it to the top and said, here, figure out how to get your way down.

Gene Guarino: And you kind of had to figure it out. But I also remember watching other people standing on the side of that slope and watching other people skiing and saying, I see how they’re turning and how there’s skis are moving. And then I tried it and before you knew it, by the end of the night, instead of falling six times on the way down the hill, you’re only fallen down twice. And then the next time when you come back, maybe only fall down twice the entire day and then the next time you got to down and before you know it, you’re making it look easy to somebody else. Well, that’s the way life is. So when somebody asks me, how easy is it to open an assisted living home? Well, the answer is easy for me because I’ve done it before. Easy for you. I don’t know you, your background, what you’ve done, what makes sense to you or doesn’t where your heart is at.

Gene Guarino: I also don’t know what you’re willing to, to make something happen. See, I do know for sure you can pretty much do anything that you want in life if you’re willing to do it, if you’re committed to making it happen, if you’re not committed, if you’re not truly committed and willing to do whatever it takes, at some point you’re simply going to give up. I was talking to some of our, uh, people that we’ve trained on how to open up these homes and they were, we were talking through the different things that happen in the bottom line. Is that it’s really easy to hit a roadblock and just stop and say, that’s it. I quit. That’s failure when you quit easy. It’s never easy. The second time is easy earlier than the first time. That third time is easier than the second time, but it’s never easy.

Gene Guarino: There’s always some effort that you have to put in, but easy. Well, that’s an interesting word. Now, we talked about rollerskates. We talked about skiing. When we talk about assisted living homes, I will tell you this, out of the thousands of people that I’ve had the privilege of training, how to do what I do, open a home, operate a home. I know that I’ve helped them save time, effort, and money by learning what to do and what not to do. So whatever it may be that you want to do, drive a car, ski, race, I don’t know, but whatever it is you want to do, one of the best suggestions I could possibly give you is find somebody who’s done it before, who makes it look easy. Ask them, can you share with me what you did, how you learned what I should do? And what I shouldn’t do.

Gene Guarino: And if they’re nice and they’re willing, and here’s a key point, a good teacher, they’re willing to give you some information, let you experience it. And then when you come back and say, I learned that lesson, can you give me the next lesson? They give you some more. And you go out and you experience it and come back and they take you step by step through this process you can get through virtually anything. It now becomes easier for you to do it. And the real key is when you can share with somebody else how to do it. When you make it look easy to them and now they’re gonna look at you and say, well, if you did it, I can do it. And when they ask you the question, how can I do it? And you help them and make it easy for them, well now it’s one after the other.

Gene Guarino: We talk about paying it forward and so on. But I am truly a believer in education. I’d much rather learn from your experience than mine. I’d rather pay for your expertise, then figure it all out on my own or hope I make it through and survive financially, time wise, energy wise, commitment wise. And I also know that when I share with somebody else and they do it, they experience it and they’re now being asked by other people that they say, wow, you made it look easy. Let me learn from you. And they share with that next person and they showed them what to do step by step by step. To me, that is one of the most rewarding things of all. How easy is it to open an assisted living home? Well, it depends, but if you’re listening to somebody who’s done it before is willing to show you how, that will certainly make it a whole lot easier than it will be if you just try to figure it all out on your own. This gene from the assisted living network saying, do good and do well. If you like what you’ve seen and heard, please subscribe.