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Get started free with our free intro course!

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Getting Your Start in Assisted Living Has Never Been Easier

Setting goals and creating plans are sure signs of successful entrepreneurs seeking to get involved in the residential assisted living industry.

How would you like to start and run a business that earns $10,000 net cash flow per month – for life?

Instead of the come and go nature of fix-and-flip or the unpredictability of buy and hold, your business serves high quality, low impact residents who are in need of finding appropriate housing.

Every day for the next 20 years, 10,000 baby boomers will turn age 65, and this silver tsunami of seniors will rapidly increase the ongoing need for assisted living. Mapping out a plan to get involved in this industry now is a no brainer. So, how can you get started?

The Residential Assisted Living Academy recently created a new online training to help you accomplish your goals faster.

The virtual 3-day training is a complete A-Z comprehensive online training that outlines the step-by-step path to owning, operating and investing in residential assisted living.

What Can You Expect to Learn from Virtual Training at the Residential Assisted Living Academy?

  • How to start, own, operate or invest in your very own Residential Assisted Living Home
  • The 3 best opportunities in residential assisted living whether you have experience or not
  • The 5 keys to being successful in residential assisted living and the mistakes you must avoid
  • The 10-step formula to get started fast and get you to the finish line quickly
  • How to own and work “on” your business and not “in” it
  • How you can be hands off spending just 5-10 hours a week or less
  • The residential assisted living 3-Legged Stool and how to use it when structuring your business
  • How to scale and leverage the residential assisted living formula to create your “3 Pack” in 24 months or less
  • And so much more

Click here for your virtual 3-Day Invite.


This is an exclusive live, interactive online event. For the first time, Gene Guarino and his team of experts will be offering their highly acclaimed 3-day training in an exclusive online setting.

This virtual training is designed to allow students to easily maneuver through the comprehensive curriculum to accelerate your success.

Afterward, participants will possess a roadmap to success in residential assisted living.

Get the Best Answers to Seven Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What is residential assisted living?
  2. How do I start one from scratch?
  3. Are there strategies to buying an existing residence?
  4. How do I find a home, fund a home, and fill a home?
  5. Is it possible to own and operate a residential assisted living home without needing to be on-site?
  6. Will I be able to find the right staff to run a smooth operation?
  7. What are the professional marketing tips I’ll need to know to keep my home filled?

Gene Guarino offers case studies of actual assisted living homes that he personally owns and operates. He will teach you how to analyze the financials by using actual projects. Learn unique strategies about attracting investors, raising capital and funding your deal with or without using your own money.

The Residential Assisted Living Academy provides a systematized method to succeed in a residential assisted living business.

There is no difference between the content of the online and live training. Instead of physically touring 2-3 functional homes, students are virtually guided through a broader range of homes that are fully operational.

Click here to get started setting goals and creating plans for your residential assisted living business.

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